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Apex Glyder

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Ergo Glyder

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Pro Glyder

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HAG Capisco 8106 Chair

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Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

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Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

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Rustic Hickory Tabletop

Rustic Hickory Tabletop


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Smooth, sleek, and a dream to clean! This Rustic Hickory tabletop is a great addition to any workspace and complements any desk frame that it's paired with. The bright, glossy shine on the finish of this tabletop will keep your workspace fresh and modern, and its highly durable finish will ensure it'll stay this way - guaranteed by our industry-leading 15-year warranty! This stylish top has been designed with easy-care laminate and has an MDF core, ensuring you experience a high-quality, long-lasting tabletop experience.

* Tabletop colors may differ slightly based on your monitor's color calibration settings.

  • Surface Finish Laminate
  • Core Material MDF
  • Features Pre-drilled Holes with Threaded Screw Inserts for Mounting
  • Grommet Style Circular
  • Grommet Size 3.2” Diameter
  • Includes 8x Machine Screws, 8x Washers, 1x Hex Key
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 48" x 30" x 1"
  • Weight 44.5 lbs
  • Warranty 15 years
  • Surface Finish Laminate
  • Core Material MDF
  • Features Pre-drilled Holes with Threaded Screw Inserts for Mounting
  • Grommet Style Rectangular
  • Grommet Size 11.6" x 4.4"
  • Includes 8 pieces M6x18 Machine Screw 8 pieces M6 Washer 1 piece M6 Hex Key
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 60" x 30" x 1"
  • Weight 56.00 lbs
  • Warranty 15 years
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15 Years Warranty
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Long-lasting experience

Versatility and durability of MDF tabletops

Our MDF tabletops are robust, smooth, and spacious, guaranteeing quality and durability! They are thoroughly constructed from top-quality MDF materials, delivering an exceptionally smooth texture paired with remarkable versatility. With a sleek, elegant design that withstands daily wear and tear, they offer the ideal blend for your needs.

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Can I get a tabletop with no grommet hole?

We offer a variety of tabletops with no grommet holes that can elevate your workspace, such as the Mini Ryzer's square-sized tabletops, 42" x 24" tabletops, or our Epoxy resin tabletops.

I want to use my own desktop. Is this possible?

Yes, of course! Our standing desk frames are available individually if you prefer your tabletop. Please note that depending on the desk frame chosen, there is a weight capacity for each unit.

What desk sizes are offered at Progressive Desk?

We offer several models of different sizes for your consideration- please see them below. For more information on our tabletops, check out our Tabletop Information Manual.

Can I get a tabletop customized to fit my space?

The tabletops' choice is limited to those currently presented on the website. If you would like us to customize a tabletop for you, please note that we have a minimum order quantity of 30 units. The production lead time will take approximately nine to 13 weeks, and this estimate doesn't include shipping time.

Are the tabletops made from real wood?

Progressive Desk has two kinds of tabletops that are made from solid wood material. We offer 60x30- and 72x30-sized tabletops in Solid wood aesthetics or Epoxy modern elegance, both available in Walnut and Ash.

About MDF - Why MDF is a Safe Tabletop Material
About Bamboo - Bamboo Tabletops: Going Eco-Friendly Has Never Been Easier!

How should I take care of/clean my tabletop?

We recommend cleaning your tabletops regularly with an eco-friendly cleaning product. For more details, please check out our blog on How to Repair Laminate Surface Scratches that Happen Over Time, which also provides tips on maintaining your desk in excellent condition.

Can I fit a 42" x 24" Tabletop on to the Solo Ryzer?

The Solo Ryzer is incompatible with our 42" x 24" tabletops. However, we sell our Ryzer desk frames individually, which can be fitted with a third-party tabletop of your choice. The Solo Ryzer can be collapsed to a minimum width of 42.6 inches. We also recommend a minimum tabletop return of 23.0" for our Solo Ryzer side brackets to fit your tabletop. For more information on the dimensions of the Solo Ryzer desk frame, you can check out Page 3 of our user manual.

Are your tabletops impermeable?

Yes, our standard tabletops have a laminate protective layer, while our bamboo tabletops have a clear coat that does not allow fluid to pass through. The UV varnish on our solid wood and epoxy tabletops protects them from all liquids. There are five layers of base coating and three layers of top coating to make them impermeable.

Do you have any tabletops made of Epoxy Resin?

Progressive Desk has two kinds of tabletops that are made of Epoxy Resin material. We offer 60x30- and 72x30-sized tabletops in either of the following colors:

- Blue Epoxy Resin with a Walnut base

- Black Epoxy Resin with an Ash base

The Timeless Beauty of Natural Wood Tabletops

Is it possible to view the tabletop colors in person before finalizing my order?

Absolutely! Explore the stunning range of MDF tabletop shades with our complimentary color swatch kit. Each swatch is crafted from durable MDF and measures 6.0" x 3.0" x 0.2". This kit is available for free when you purchase any MDF Standing Desk. When you're ready to invest in a standing desk, our customer service team will ensure the equivalent discount is applied to your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Chris Mutton
Very sturdy!

The desk moves very smoothly and is quite sturdy! Impressed.

Paul Hewitt
Overall Good

Desks works great. Controller didn't fit. Had to tape to back leg. Movement works great.

Great frame, great price

High quality frame. The actuators are smooth and pretty quiet. The frame is easy to assemble when taking time to understand the instruction. No issue yet, great warranty anyway.

Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the Solo Ryzer Frame and that it was easy to assemble. We take pride in providing high-quality products at a great price. If you ever have any issues, rest assured that our warranty has got you covered. Have a nice day!

Nataliia from Progressive Desk Team

Robyn Baker
Happy, but encountering issues

Overall I'm happy with the desk. It's very sturdy at standing height and was easy to set up. The up/down motion is relatively quiet and smooth. The only issue I've encountered is with going down. Currently when holding the down button/selecting a lower preset, every 1.5" it stops and raises back up roughly 2". This means any time I want to lower the desk I have to hold and release the down button 5-6 times before it gets to my sitting height.

I'm currently working with their support team to troubleshoot this and they've been quick at responding so far. No resolution yet though.

Hi Robin,
Thank you for your feedback! We value your opinion and your satisfaction is very important to us. Our technical support team is committed to assisting you further with the technical difficulties you've been experiencing.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help and ensure you have the best possible experience with our products.

Best regards,
Nataliia from Progressive Desk Team

Craig Dawson
Happy with my Solo Ryzer

No issues with shipping or delivery. Was easy to assemble and attach my own desk top. Desk is solid, even when raised. Motors are working as expected. The presets for different desk heights are useful and easy to set. Very satisfied overall.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the Solo Ryzer Desk. We are thrilled to hear that you are happy with your purchase and that the assembly process was easy for you. We take pride in providing a solid and reliable product, so we're glad to hear that the desk is working well for you. Thank you for choosing Solo Ryzer, and we hope you continue to enjoy your desk!

Nataliia from Progressive Desk Team

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