adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
Solo Ryzer Standing Desk
adjustable standing desk
Solo Ryzer Standing Desk
Solo Ryzer Standing Desk
adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
Solo Ryzer Standing Desk
Solo Ryzer Standing Desk

Solo Ryzer Standing Desk

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The Solo Ryzer Standing desk perfectly combines design with functionality to transform your workspace. With the four-position memory keypad you can easily adjust the height of the desk and experience a smooth transition from sitting to standing. Enjoy a full selection of various tabletop options to combine with our high-quality frame so you can build your own ideal sit-stand workstation.

8 Year Warranty
Easy Assembly
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Quiet Operation
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The Desk That Gets You Moving

When you buy a Progressive Desk, you can rest assured that you are investing in a high quality, durable and long-lasting height adjustable standing desk solution for your home or office. The Solo Ryzer is one of our first and most popular models, giving you the choice of a minimalist standing desk solution depending on your specifications! The height-adjustable Solo Ryzer is the perfect choice of a small standing desk for those looking to make the transition to a sit-stand desk.

Our desks are designed to provide you with a sturdy and strong frame, regardless if you choose a small stand up desk or opt for a larger choice. You can also take advantage of our variety of tabletops, control options and accessories to create this compact standing desk solution. Enjoy a full selection of various tabletop options and high-quality frames , so you can build your ideal sit-stand workstation. The frame's three-step design means our frames can go higher and lower than most standing desk models while moving faster and quieter as well!

* Tabletop colors may differ slightly from online images to the final product.

Move While You Work

Available in 12 colors

Choose from our wide selection of tabletop options available on our website and match them to desk frames for a bespoke premium quality height adjustable standing desk. At an inch thick, our tabletops are made of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and are perfect for both a home office or a classic office look.

Soft White

Light Ash

Bamboo Light Matte

Maple Woodline

Silver Ash

Veranda Teak



Bamboo Dark Gloss


Dark Walnut

Ebony Ash

A tabletop is a surface you will use daily and it’s important to have a good quality & durable one. With a Progressive Desk tabletop, you can create not only a stylish and modern height adjustable sit stand desk for your home or office but also a desk that will last you for a long time.

* Tabletop colors may differ slightly based on your monitor's color calibration settings.

Healthy Working Made Simple

Make Your Space
Your Own

No matter the size of your space or budget, we can help you find your perfect desk.

Collision Detection

Weight Capacity 270 lbs

3 Stage Legs

Adjustable width 39.6’’ – 74.0’’

Adjustable height 23.6’’ to 49.1’’

Adjustable Glides

Dual Motors








Strong Foundation

A desk frame is the foundation of your sit-stand desk and it’s important to have a sturdy and strong frame. At Progressive Desk, we take quality very seriously and ensure that each and every desk frame is tested for its durability and sturdiness. The Solo Ryzer desk frame has a lifting capacity of 270 lbs and is available in three colours – Grey, Black and White.

Our standing desk lift mechanisms have many desirable and high-quality features, including a strong steel design, quiet operation and precise movement. Each frame comes with an adjustable width and anti-collision feature giving you more flexibility with your sit-stand desk.

With over a decade of proven durability and stability, the Progressive Desk frames are expertly machined with reliable motors and a quiet operation.

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Seamless Control

We carry different remote-control options to help you get the most out of your standing desk. Ranging from simple to advanced motion control, all our remotes have sleek, modern designs, with simple user interfaces.

The advantage of an advanced keypad is not just its programmable height options, but also its anti-collision feature which allows you to set the upper and lower height limits of the sit stand desk, to ensure that it doesn’t bump into anything above or below it. Choose the Progressive standing desk hand remote that is right for you and experience a smooth and convenient way to control your desk with the touch of a button.

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  • Motor System Dual
  • Column Stages 3
  • Frame Colors Black, White, Gray
  • Surface Finish Powder Coat
  • Included Accessories Wired Remote, Self-Adhesive Cable Ties
  • Weight Capacity 270 lbs
  • Frame Height 23.6" - 49.1"
  • Speed 1.57"/sec
  • Noise Rating 50dB
  • Protection Class IP51
  • Сertification UL & BIFMA
  • Number of Remote Options Various
  • Memory Positions 4
  • Collision Detection Yes
  • Child Lock Yes
  • Energy Saving Mode Yes
  • Soft Start & Stop Yes
  • Adjustable Feet Yes
  • Input Voltage 120 VAC
  • Weight 65.0 lbs
  • Warranty 8 years
  • Install Time 20 mins

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Bulk Discounts

When you buy more, you save more!

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