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Apex Glyder

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Ergo Glyder

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Pro Glyder

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HAG Capisco 8106 Chair

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Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

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Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

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Easy Movement
Quick Assembly
15-Year Warranty
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Mobile Desks for Easy Movement

Having a standing desk is already an ergonomic solution for workspaces – moving as you work has multiple proven benefits related to health and productivity, and they can enhance the décor of any room. Our Solo Ryzer now features in thousands of workspaces and has made huge changes to the way people work. With its high-quality materials and added desk accessories, it makes the desk quite heavy and ultimately difficult to move without exertion or help. This is why many have chosen mobile standing desks as their new workspace solution.

To transform your Solo Ryzer into a portable desk for standing and sitting you’ll need three things: a Standing Desk Portable Battery, Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box, and caster wheels. By adding these three elements to your standing desk setup, you will achieve complete mobility without the need to be near an AC outlet!

Build Your Standing Desk
1. High Quality Tabletop Materials

Enjoy high quality materials that are smooth, scratch resistant and waterproof. Tabletop materials include MDF and eco-friendly bamboo options! Available in a wide variety of colors and size options.

2. Organize Your Cable Setup

Large grommet with soft close lid protects wires and helps keep them organized. Available in black, white, and silver.

3. Memory Positioning Remote

Memory positioning remote provides easy up and down movement with an LED screen. Save up to 4 different height positions. Convenient USB port to power your devices! Various remote options available.

4. Customizable Width

Each frame width can be adjusted to allow for various setups and tabletop sizes. Our tabletop sizes range from 42"x30" to 72"x30", with convenient predrilled holes.

5. Adjust Your Height

The adjustable heights of our standing desks range from 23.6” to 49.1”, designed for all heights!

Discover Our Tabletops

Quality & Durability

Beautiful, long-lasting finishes that

help protect against scratches,

stains, or water.

Long-Lasting Materials

We offer a variety of top quality

materials like MDF, hardwood, bamboo,

and epoxy tabletops.

Large Variety

Our range of tabletop colors and sizes

is extensive. Take a look through our

catalog to find your favorite!


Choose a Portable Adjustable Standing Desk

By choosing to upgrade to a portable stand up desk, you’re not only opting for a new ergonomic workstation, but a workstation that can be moved with ease anywhere in your environment! By adding a Standing Desk Portable Battery and Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box to your Solo Ryzer, you can easily rotate between a stationary standing desk next to a power outlet.

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Movement Made Easy

A regular Solo Ryzer already makes moving as you work easy, but by upgrading to a portable adjustable desk alongside this you are going a step beyond. If you add caster wheels to your desk, roll your desk from room to room, or around your open office with absolute ease!

Caster Wheels


Enjoy Convenient Collaboration

Collaboration between colleagues can be difficult, especially in the days of COVID-19. When you return to the office, easily move your mobile standing workstation to your colleague and collaborate with all your items on hand. No longer carry items to meeting rooms or squeeze in beside someone’s desk – move your desk to them!

Build Your Desk


Tabletop Sizes for Any Environment

The Solo Ryzer can be made as large or compact as required thanks to our variety of tabletops! If you require a more compact desk to wheel around your home or office, opt for a 48” x 30” top, or continue going up in size to 60” x 30” and 72” x 30”. Your adjustable standing desk on wheels will fit seamlessly into your environment!

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Compatible Accessories for A Rolling Standing Desk

To change your Solo Ryzer into a portable sit stand desk, you will need a Standing Desk Portable BatteryMobile Solo Ryzer Control Box and caster wheels. You can also browse our full range of other standing desk accessories that may be great additions to your portable workstation! From monitor stands, mountable under-desk drawers and headphone hooks, there are many extras you can add to enhance your stand up desk on wheels!

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