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Tanya Paul 


As an accountant, my job requires me to work at my desk 8-10 hours per day. After my company invested in standing desks for all employees, the day goes by so fast and the best part is, I’m not as quickly tired these days. The flexibility and the ease of using this desk has me in complete awe. I am very impressed with the programable features of the standing desk to set different heights with just the press of a button.

Jessica Parker 

Business Owner

I’m using the standing desk by Progressive Desk and while I was a bit hesitant at first, I now swear by standing desks. Sitting all day is certainly not right for you and I realized the benefits of standing and working only after I started using my height-adjustable desk. I’m a lot more productive these days and despite my erratic work schedule, I still have energy when I get back home.

Jordan Creek 

Gamer and Business Analyst

I am an avid gamer and I spend quite a lot of time on my computer. After developing a slipped disc, I needed to take extra care for my back and thus decided to buy a standing desk. I ordered the Corner Ryzer standing desk as I needed a bigger workspace to fit 2 monitors and my gaming controls and accessories.  The entire process of ordering online and speaking to customer service was so seamless. The customer service representative at Progressive Desk was very helpful and was able to suggest the right products for my space and needs.

Rebecca Lee 

Technical writer

I recently redecorated my workspace at home and the first thing I needed to change was my desk. After reading about standing desks, I decided I must buy one. A friend recommended that I check out Progressive Desk, a Canadian company based in British Columbia. I was looking for a desk small enough to fit my room and after consulting with the customer support engineer on customizable options, I decided to pick up just the Solo Ryzer desk without the tabletop. The frame is a perfect size for the room and I used a tabletop of my choice. I also picked up a few components and the anti-fatigue mat, which further enhanced my experience of using the Solo Ryzer.

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Brian Wilson 

Businesss Owner

“Thanks to Progressive desk, I have now enough space for the 2 monitors. It's custom design and capacity really worth a thing”


Diane Wheeler 

IT Consultant

“The Corner Ryzer fits perfectly in my  room. It's a great desk for gamers with plenty of tabletop space & the freedom to sit or stand."


Ellie Shaw 

Interior Designer

"The Solo Ryzer desk has made working from home so convenient and comfortable. The best part is its minimalist design - a refreshing from my previous desk."


Geof Dudding 

Business Owner

"My desk came today and looks great!! I was thinking of getting the magnetic frame cable organizer too but after installation, I didn't actually need it. Thanks again for all of your help, really loving it!"


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