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Under Desk Drawer with Locking

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Free shipping on all orders to the contiguous 48 United States and Canada!                         Cyber Monday - Best Time to Shop! Save up to 70%!


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270 lbs Weight Capacity

You can rest assured that your devices will be protected on our sturdy standing desks. Our Solo Ryzers have a 270 lbs weight capacity!

Easy Assembly

Our desks take less than 30 minutes to assemble – the Solo Ryzer will only take you 20!

15-Year Warranty

All of our desks have a 15-year warranty, guaranteeing their durability and reliability.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to Canada and the 48 contiguous US states!

Superior Adjustable Gaming Desks

You deserve the best possible gaming environment available to you. Why purchase top of the range gaming equipment, and only invest in a mediocre space to showcase and house your devices? Further to this, why wouldn’t you prioritize your health and posture while you game? Even if you just want a simple gaming desk, you can get so much more from it by choosing a sit stand gaming desk!

Here at Progressive Desk, we sat down and brainstormed what the best adjustable standing desk for gaming was in our catalog and came up with our popular Solo Ryzer! With tabletop sizes ranging from 48” x 30” up to 72” x 30”, you can opt for a more compact or a wide gaming standing desk. Our frames are double motor, two-stage with added safety in its collision-detection feature.

Build Your Desk

Gamers Who Went Progressive

"I'm just a Minecraft player, I don't actually know how to build in real life, but it was super simple to set up and so clean. I can move the height and adjust it to whatever I want - the beauty of this function is I literally sit at my desk all day every day, making and editing these videos, so it's really nice just to give myself a break!"

- Swidge

(upgraded to a Solo Ryzer)

"Everything works perfectly, exactly how I wanted it to be! I've been testing the motorized frame from Progressive Desk for weeks now and have had no issues. It's able to easily hold all the weight that I have on my desk with no problems - and I have a lot of stuff!"

(upgraded to a
Corner Ryzer frame)

Browse through our standing desk kits, and find your perfect gaming setup!

Discover Our Tabletops

Quality & Durability

Beautiful, long-lasting finishes that help protect against scratches, stains, or water.

Long-Lasting Materials

We provide both high-quality MDF materials and our new eco-friendly bamboo tabletops.

Large Variety

Our tabletops range is extensive. Take a look through our catalog and match your favorite to your chosen frame!

Build Your Gaming Space

Build your own gaming desk that will enhance both your game and environment. From our Desk Builder, combine your favorite motorized desk frame and tabletop to get your own unique standing desk setup.

Build Your Gaming Desk

Move as You Game

Whether it’s an electric gaming desk for computers or other smart devices you need, they all serve the same purpose: to get you moving as you game. This has two benefits: better for your health and allows you to game for longer.


Posture Makes Perfect

Your health is your wealth, and gaming for extended periods of time can seriously impact your posture. Set goals to stand more as you game, and make sure your posture doesn’t hinder your success.

Browse Our Desks

Extend Your Abilities

An ergonomic gaming desk will only enhance your gaming prowess, with its easy-to-use motorized control. Choose your tabletop based on your needs, whether it be a dual monitor gaming desk setup or something even more substantial.

Wireless Charger
Cable Management
Cable Snake
Cable Tray
Headphone Mount
Monitor Mount
Power Clamp

Accessorize to Optimize

Your standing desk is great, but can it be better? Compatible accessories have been designed to optimize your desk experience, from AC/USB desk clamps and monitor stands to anti-fatigue mats that take the strain off your feet.

view more accessories

Build the Ultimate Standing Gaming Desk

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1. High Quality MDF Materials

Enjoy high quality materials that are smooth, scratch resistant and waterproof. Tabletop materials include MDF and eco-friendly bamboo options! Available in a wide variety of colors and size options.

2. Organize Your Cable Setup

Large grommet with soft close lid protects wires and helps keep them organized. Available in black, white, and silver.

3. Memory Positioning Remote

Memory positioning remote provides easy up and down movement with an LED screen. Save up to 4 different height positions. Convenient USB port to power your devices! Various remote options available.

4. Customizable Width

Each frame width can be adjusted to allow for various setups and tabletop sizes. Our tabletop sizes range from 42"x30" to 72"x30", with convenient predrilled holes.

5. Strong Synchronized System

Synchronized dual motor design is strong enough to support any gaming or studio setup while being smooth and silent.

Personalize your space with our huge range of stand-up gaming desk accessories!
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