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Design Your Perfect Desk

Customized For Your Needs

Each one of our adjustable desk frames can be outfitted with a tabletop of your choosing. We want you to have as much creative control as possible when it comes to building your ideal adjustable stand up desk.

We ensure that all of our frames will fit your chosen tabletop. Simply choose a frame and tabletop that fits your own unique style. To top it off, all of our tabletops are designed for maximum durability, with scratch resistant features, so expect a long life from your Progressive Desk.

Customized For <span>Your Needs</span>

Enjoy Exceptional Design

We offer many different design options when it comes to our selection of tabletops. Ranging from strong MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard) to lightweight, sound absorbing Homogeneous Particleboard core, each table is produced in a variety of colors, suitable for any space.

We combine beautiful style with exceptional functionality for all our tabletops and ensure they are made from only high-quality materials with a minimal waste of resources.

Enjoy Exceptional <span>Design</span>

Modern Features

Progressive Desks are designed to have a sleek and professional look, thanks to their modern, straight edge design. We also ensure each tabletop is simple to install regardless of your chosen frame.

Each of our standing desks come with step-by-step installation instructions and each part is easily identifiable. All of these features make Progressive Desks the ideal electric standing desk.

Modern Features

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