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Bamboo Tabletops: Going Eco-Friendly Has Never Been Easier!

Bamboo Tabletops: Going Eco-Friendly Has Never Been Easier!

6.8 min read

Our new bamboo tabletops came out earlier this year, and we couldn’t be happier about them. Our journey to going green is off to a beautiful start, and it couldn’t be easier now to go green yourself. Add our eco-friendly bamboo tabletop standing desk to your office to create a modern, fresh look that’s also sustainable! We have a variety of sizes and two beautiful colours to choose from. Let’s dive deeper into details and gain some knowledge about bamboo’s sustainable properties.

Learn more about our eco-friendly bamboo tabletops!

Meet Our New Bamboo Tabletops

Earlier this year, we came out with our new bamboo tabletops. This, with many of our other products, is just the start of a new eco-friendly product line. We want to reduce our carbon footprint, which is how we are making it happen at Progressive Desk!


About Our Bamboo Standing Desks

What’s there to know about our new bamboo tabletops? Well, they are all comprised of carbonized bamboo, which gives them a high-quality finish. They are very durable for a busy office and are scratch and water-resistant. These solid bamboo tabletops will easily sustain your day-to-day uses in the office. Our bamboo tabletop colours come in two beautiful choices. Our light matte finish gives it a fresh rustic look, and our dark gloss finish looks sleek with its warm colour. Both would make wonderful additions to your office space.

Important to note: No two bamboo tabletops are alike - as our bamboo tabletops are naturally produced, all of them are unique with personalized features. You may experience color variations across each individual tabletop.


Bamboo Tabletop Sizes

Our bamboo tabletops were made to support both Economy Ryzer and Solo Ryzer standing desks, allowing you to choose sustainability if these are your chosen standing desks. This combination of sustainability, high-quality, and durability is guaranteed by the 8-year warranty of the Economy Ryzer, and 15-year warranty of the Solo Ryzer. We have a few sizes in both Economy Ryzer and Solo Ryzer standing desks to choose from. In our Economy Ryzer standing desks our bamboo tabletop sizes range from 42” x 30” to 60” x 30”. Our Solo Ryzer standing desk has sizes that range from 48” x 30” to 72” x 30” bamboo tabletops. That gives you a significant range of bamboo tabletop sizes for your workspace. From miniature bamboo tabletops to large bamboo tabletops, we’ve got you covered!


Why Is Bamboo Sustainable?

Here are a few reasons why we chose bamboo material to make our beautiful bamboo tabletops. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth? It is! With the right growing conditions, a bamboo tree can grow 3 feet within 24 hours. You can watch it grow yourself! Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource as bamboo trees can grow to their full size within 3 to 4 months. This is better as a resource than regular trees, as they can take up to 30+ years to get to their full size. Plus, harvesting these bamboo trees is all-natural, and there’s no need for harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Bamboo has gotten the name “green steel” because of its strength and durability. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around, and with the proper care for your bamboo products, it can be used time and time again without deteriorating. It’s proven to be safe and hygienic! Bamboo has a substance called “bamboo kun”, which means that its natural fibres are anti-bacterial – no need to add chemical finishes to keep it lasting for a long time.

Bamboo forests are beneficial for our planet because they have the properties to efficiently store carbon from the air we breathe. Bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide than trees, and they also produce more oxygen than our plants and trees do – up to 30% more! Its roots also help the land it grows on. The roots are solid and stable, which allows the soil to become more stable to restore the land and prevent landslides.


Customize your standing desk with a bamboo tabletop!

Final Word: Improving Our Footprint on the World

At Progressive Desk, we want to improve our carbon footprint by creating more sustainable and durable products. Our bamboo tabletops are one of those products that we created to stay on the right path to becoming more eco-friendly. We will keep developing our products to uphold our standards for eco-friendly products. We are excited to reduce our footprint to help out our planet, and support customers who are looking for a bamboo top for a desk and have similar goals.

In conclusion, our bamboo tabletops are of the highest quality and are super durable! With our variety in sizes to fit any office space, you have a choice of two primary colours: light matte and dark gloss. Our light and dark tabletop finishes can suit all your styles and needs for your office. As you’ve read, bamboo has impressive properties to help our planet and we at Progressive Desk having chosen this material just for that reason. We want to make a significant impact and lower our carbon footprint for the Earth. Bamboo tabletops are a step in the right direction and the starting point of our eco-friendly line of products.

If you have any queries about our bamboo tabletops, or our other standing desk products, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us!

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