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Why a Standing Desk is the Perfect Christmas Gift in 2021

Why a Standing Desk is the Perfect Christmas Gift in 2021

7.9 min read

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to get those closest to you, and we think we know just the gift. It’s stylish, practical, and beneficial for just about anyone to have in their home or office. That’s right, you guessed it, we’re talking about a standing desk.

So why is a standing desk a great Christmas gift idea for coworkers or anyone who might enjoy these awesome products? Well, let’s explore all the reasons why a standing desk is one of the most useful office gifts that nobody will be disappointed to receive.

Give the ultimate gift of a standing desk this festive season - browse our entire range!

What is a Standing Desk?

Standing desk of Progressive Desk


A standing desk is exactly how it sounds – a desk where you can stand and work at the same time! Over the last few years, standing desks have grown in popularity due to the numerous health benefits associated with their use. Standing desks are adjustable, and once calibrated to your height, you’ll find a comfortable work experience is born thanks to their innovative and convenient design. With standing desks ballooning in popularity thanks to the ‘work from home era’, in no time you’ll find more and more of them in people’s homes and offices!


Why a Standing Desk is the Perfect Gift for Desk Workers

There are many reasons why standing desks are great gifts for desk workers and here are just a few!

Pair your desk with convenient desk accessories that will optimize your workspace!

1.     Healthier

One of the biggest reasons why standing desks are so popular is because of the numerous health benefits. With a standing desk, you improve your cardiovascular health and decrease blood sugar levels. Users will end up living longer because of your stand-up desk if you use it regularly, as you won’t be spending 90% of your day sitting down in a chair. The freedom to move around, walk in place, and just be more active while working is one of the reasons why you should consider getting one of these desks.

2.     Better Posture and Reduced Back Pain

Standing desk provides better Posture and Reduced Back Pain


No matter how comfortable a chair is, back pain happens to us all after sitting at a desk for hours on end. On the other hand, standing desks promote better posture, which in turn provides for drastically reduced instances of back pain. No more complaining about a sore back on the job as you experience a whole new, comfortable way of working!

3.     Increased Productivity

With all the combined benefits of a standing desk, your overall productivity will likely increase. With more activity comes more energy, encouraging less time to slouch or get complacent and instead, work on your feet! The entire Progressive Desk office uses standing desks, and our staff definitely feel the value of them.

4.      Better Mood & Cognitive Energy

Better Mood & Cognitive Energy using standing desk


With your overall body receiving renewed activity throughout the day, you’ll soon find your mood becomes far more pleasant. Standing desk users become the delight of the office thanks to how good they’re feeling and how positive they have become. Another exciting benefit is that your brain activity can be boosted after changing to, and regularly using, a standing desk. Additionally, you’ll find that you’re a lot more energetic than before, which is great for not only making the time go by faster, but making better use of it!

5.     Weight Loss

Standing desks and weight loss have been linked! We’re not insinuating you’ll lose boatloads of weight, but standing desk users will benefit from them when it comes to their overall weight. Activity is certainly a biproduct of using a standing desk – the more you stand, the more calories you will burn. With a standing desk, obesity can be fended off and users can become far more in-tune with their body’s needs.  

6.     Ergonomics

Aside from all of the physical benefits of standing desks, another simple benefit is that depending on the company you purchase with, they become the focal point of a room. Their ergonomic design and function makes them stand out – Progressive Desk allows you to build a desk from scratch, choosing from frames, tabletops, grommets, remotes, and convenient desk accessories!

Build a unique and personalized desk in just a few steps with our Desk Builder!

Standing Desks: The Perfect Gift Idea for Christmas

Standing Desks: The Perfect Gift Idea for Christmas


At Progressive Desk, we have four standing desks available:


Depending on the recipient’s needs, any of them would be the perfect choice – whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for employees, your friends, or family.

Their design is stellar and sleek, with a huge variety of tabletop color options, including eco-friendly bamboo tabletops. In addition, you’ll get a desk that is built to last, resistant to easy damage, and backed up by a huge 15-year warranty. These robust desks are ready to make anyone’s workplace better by providing an enjoyable alternative to sitting at a desk all day!


Final Thoughts

Regardless of which desk you end up going for, you’ll never regret the decision you ultimately make. Standing desks are the desks of the future, especially with the increase in working from home and hybrid working. The revolution is upon us to transform and reinvent the office as we redefine our relationship with how we work in a structured environment.

There are so many great reasons to enjoy a standing desk, and you can truly grow with it – with many of our desks having a 15-year warranty, if you have kids, it can take them from kindergarten to college. Don’t spend too long mulling this over, particularly with our Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales coming up! Act fast to ensure stock doesn’t run out, and your desk arrives on time so you can gift one of the most useful office gifts around.

If you would like to learn more about our desks, or have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we would be delighted to help!

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