Calories Burned Standing

Calories Burned Standing

The standing desk movement has taken over our workplaces and we have started to see a growing number of ergonomic products in our homes and workspaces. There is no doubt of the benefits of standing vs sitting, from burning calories to increased energy & productivity levels, there's a lot one can gain from using a standing desk while at work. 

Of all the benefits worth examining of standing desks, one that has many questions is the number of calories you burn while standing. 

Standing to Lose Weight

Standing Desk

According to a study, people burn over 0.15 calories per minute while standing where men can burn up to 0.2 calories and women can burn 0.1 calories per minute just by standing. 

So, how many calories can standing burn in a day? If we take a 24-hour period, you can get 54 calories burned standing six hours a day. 

“But that’s not enough for the efficient loss of weight” - you may say. This is partially right. Indeed, as compared to the daily consumption norm - 2,000 calories a day - 54 calories burned standing seems like an insignificant amount. 

Nevertheless, regular standing minimizes the chances of overeating, normalizing major metabolic processes and helping you avoid excess weight. 

A Different Perspective - Why Sitting May Be Harmful? 

Standing Vs Sitting

So, how many calories does standing burn? Not too much, but enough to help you avoid weight spikes and focus on more active daily habits. Let’s take a look at this here interesting survey conducted by Australian nutrition experts. 

It considered a large group of two hundred thousand Australians, 45 years of age and older. The goal was to define the level of physical activity and the time participants spend a day sitting. A five-point grading scale and the results were analyzed based on criteria such as age, level of income, education, bad habits, family status, body mass ratio, etc. 

Thus, four major “sitting time” categories were defined: 0-4 hours, 4-6 hours, 6-8 hours, and over 8 hours. The survey results explicitly demonstrated that the level of physical activity and the number of calories burned while standing are directly reflected in the state of the respondent’s health. Participants who tend to sit only occasionally (0-4 hours a day) are 13% healthier than those who sit longer than an 8-hour norm. When asked what they think about the question - how many calories do you burn by standing? - many were confused, not seeing a connection between their habit of sitting and state of health. 

During the studies, the head of the research - Sara Rosenkrantz - made a great logical conclusion. She noted that regular visits to the gym don’t necessarily guarantee better health. The thing is, people spend 1-2 intensive hours in the gym, automatically dropping activity outside of it. They get a minimum amount of calories burned by standing and exercising. 

Health Issues Caused by Prolonged Sitting

Sitting in your favorite chair for too long leads to muscle stagnancy and stands out as one of the most frequent reasons for back and joint pain. Moreover, human metabolism slows down considerably while sitting, and the amount of the LPL lipase released (responsible for burning fat) is reduced. 

In the beginning of the 2000s, scientists discovered that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, as well as heart diseases. All of this can be ultimately prevented with the help of a healthy diet & exercise. You may further the positive impact by adding good modern, advanced standing desks - tables and other ergonomic furniture to your workspace or home.

Losing Weight While Standing

Calories burned standing

A prominent British doctor Michael Mosley posed an ultimate question in 2013 - “Does standing burn calories?”. As a result of his extensive research, the data was collected and posted claiming that people working in offices lose most of their calories while standing at work. 

Thus, according to his calculations, calories burnt standing can comprise 8 pounds of human weight once every year. 

Moreover, regular standing behind a work desk can help you significantly lower the level of cholesterol and sugar in your blood. It means that you get to both enhance your current state of health and prevent any possible future issues. 

All in all, you can personally experience all the benefits of standing desks by switching for a more dynamic, energy-dense standing work routine. 

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