New 55" x 28" Laminate and Bright Beech Tabletop Expansions

New 55" x 28" Laminate and Bright Beech Tabletop Expansions

When it comes to the perfect tabletop size, color, and grommet configuration for the ultimate workspace, everyone will have their own unique preferences. At Progressive Desk, we always continue to look for improvements by constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and taking these comments into account for future product updates and releases. This helps our customers have more customization options to perfectly configure a standing desk to their liking. To meet popular demands, we have recently expanded our range with new tabletop options! This article will focus on our 55" x 28" laminate and bright beech tabletop expansions!

Take a look through all our tabletops, ranging in size, shape, and material!

New 55" x 28" Tabletop Sizes

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Previously, we introduced many new tabletop colors and sizes in our 2021 tabletop collection. With our recent addition to the available laminate tabletop configurations, there are now many new possibilities and combination options to choose from! Whether you were looking for the Economy Ryzer, Solo Ryzer, or Corner Ryzer standing desks, our new 55” x 28” sized tabletops will offer something for every type of standing desk user. The 55” x 28” sized tabletops are available in the following colors:

  1. Dark Cherry (DT-5528-DC-D80)
  2. Ebony Oak (DT-5528-EO-D80)
  3. Gray Oak (DT-5528-GO-D80)
  4. Roasted Walnut (DT-5528-RW-D80)
  5. Warm White (DT-5528-WW-D80)

Compared to our 60” x 30” tabletops, the new 55” x 28” tabletops are slightly smaller in size, have a lower price point, and offer new grommet hole configurations. The in-depth measurements for these new tabletops are seen below:



New 55” x 28” laminate tabletop measurements

Enjoy a non-slip surface that keeps your tabletop preserved and free from scratches! 

Since many desktop users place their monitor stand(s) in the middle of their tabletop, having two smaller grommet holes located on each side allows for less obstruction and better structural support for the tabletops. Our other tabletops with a grommet hole in the middle are better suited for users who will place their monitor stand(s) with more of an offset to the side(s) of the tabletop. Also, our 55” x 28” sized tabletops can be used with our other tabletops to form L shape desk combinations such as:

  1. 85" × 72" Corner Ryzer Desk
  2. 85" × 60" Corner Ryzer Desk
  3. 88" × 55" Corner Ryzer Desk
  4. 83" × 55" Corner Ryzer Desk
  5. 75" × 55" Corner Ryzer Desk
  6. 70" × 55" Corner Ryzer Desk
  7. 85" × 48" Corner Ryzer Desk

For more information on how to arrange your tabletops to these configurations, please take a look at our tabletop datasheet for further reference.

Bright Beech Tabletop Expansions

Bright Beech tabletops


Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace! 

The Bright Beech has been a color that many have requested to come in more size options to pair with our standing desk frames. Thanks to our customer feedback, we now offer Bright Beech tabletops with the option to have two grommet holes in a 72” x 30” size (DT-7230-BB-D80) or without any grommet holes in a 42” x 24” size (DT-4224-BB)!

Our 42” x 24” tabletops are intended for the case of certain users who do not find more grommet holes necessary given the compact size and smaller surface area. The 72” x 30” tabletops offer two grommet holes to account for the many electronics that are typically found on such large-sized desks. When used in combination with the already existing tabletop sizes, the recent expansion of our Bright Beech tabletop choices now allows for new Corner Desk combinations such as:

  1. 90" × 72" L shape desk
  2. 78" × 72" L shape desk
  3. 72" × 72" L shape desk
  4. 72" × 60" L shape desk
  5. 72" × 48" L shape desk
Corner Desk combinations


Bright Beech Corner Ryzer Desk Combinations

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The feedback from our customers is very important and continues in helping guide our R&D and marketing team as we expand our range of products. Our recent tabletop additions introduce new possibilities and combinations for our customers to enjoy as they personalize their standing desks!

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were interested in learning more about the recent tabletops we’ve released! If you have any queries or wanted to know more about our tabletops or standing desks, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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