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10 Changes to Make 2021 Your Best Working Year Yet

10 Changes to Make 2021 Your Best Working Year Yet

10 min read

We started 2020 with plenty of New Year goals, with many revolving around traveling and achieving professional growth. While most goals came to a halt by the shocking turnover of 2020, it is important to start 2021 on an optimistic note. No one could have seen the pandemic coming, and this is why it caught us off-guard. Now that we know better and are prepared, we must know how to make changes in the New Year to lead a better life and adjust to our current situation. With this goal in mind, here are 10 powerful ways you can transform yourself to make 2021 your best working year yet!

1. Prioritize Your Health & Wellbeing

Time has proven how strong good health can improve both our physical and mental health. If the past was all about indulgences, your New Year goals should be about slowly (but surely) changing any bad habits. When looking at food, make each meal colorful and rich in nutrients! Eat more vegetables and fruits, a healthy portion of protein, while refraining from excessive alcohol, sugar and carbs (although do treat yourself every now and again!) With the right foods in your system, your energy levels will increase, your immune system will strengthen, your skin will glow, your heart will beat well, and your brain will function smartly.

Eat more vegetables and fruits


Also, let go of habits that have ruined your health and peace of mind. Traveling and going out may have restrictions now, but you have the chance to become more active physically. Now is the best time to start exercising, playing outdoor games with your friends and family, and spending more time exploring nature.

2. Make Time

Let your near year declaration be to "make time." Time has a way of snatching everything from us before realizing the worth of what we had. Hence, make time for things you neglected in the past year. Make time to cherish everything, from family, friends, health, career, and nature. Make the time to change yourself and break out of habits that you know are self-destructive, but you were always too busy to improve. Let go of self-doubts and give yourself a chance to bloom. This year stop making excuses and complaining but start creating solutions and being grateful for all you have.

make time for things you neglected in the past year

3. Revamp Your Workspace

Your work should be a blessing, and it is time we start treating it like one. If anything, it is through your job that you can support your taste for better life things. It is through a job that you can live comfortably and provide for your family. Changing your approach towards work would help reenergize you and your objective. If the pandemic has forced you to work from home, it doesn’t need to be a boring, make-shift place. Designate a favorite corner of the house to set up your workspace, perhaps near a window with a fine view of the outdoors and the sunshine? To help with this objective, we provide top quality adjustable standing desks, allowing you to optimize and personalize your workstation! With a workplace that appeals to your senses and gets you moving, you will look forward to returning here daily and be more productive.  

An adjustable standing desk in your workspace

A standing desk can revolutionize the way you work, increasing both activity and productivity!

4. Learn Anything and Everything You Can

We have let social media influence us to the extent that we can hardly distinguish facts from fiction. Many of us have started lacking the hunger for knowledge that most read out of books and other educational outlets. Why not take time off socialization to switch social media and turn to authentic sources that enlighten us mentally? Instead of scrolling through your Facebook page, learn to pick up magazines, listen to TED talks and other educational sources, or flip through encyclopedias to broaden your horizons. These reading and information sources will change your attitudes, fill you with constructive ideas, and encourage us to live with new skills. 

Reading magazine instead of reading social media

5. Live a Financially Stress-Free Life

2020 taught us the value of money and the necessity of refraining from the luxurious and more unnecessary things in life. We have started relying so much on luxuries and technology that we failed to realize how much financial burden we allowed all those desires to enforce on us. Try implement a simpler lifestyle by using healthy and environmentally friendly products. Don't shop unnecessarily or splurge on things you don’t need, but want. We’re not saying to cut yourself off from all outlets and luxuries – just keep mindful and sustainable shopping in mind!


6. Start Saving

No matter how little or how much you earn, develop the habit of saving. Build a separate account and set aside a fixed sum each month to put into your savings. When time and situations turn against you, you will rest easy knowing you have some financial backup. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to save more than you can afford – keep it simple and set yourself a realistic budget that you will stick to.

The habit of saving

7. Meditate

Self-reflection and meditation can help us fix problem areas. With mediation, we find mental balance and inner calm that help us stay strong even when there is turmoil around us. Mediate to strengthen yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Also, reflect on your life, yourself, and see where you need to fix things that are going wrong. Are your relationships suffering? Is your employer unhappy with you? Are you falling into debt? Are your grades suffering? Time to start fixing things!


8. Make Decisions

Do not put off important life decisions any longer. Is it time to choose which subject you have to specialize in? Is it time to map out a career path? Is it time to think of tying yourself to your property and mortgage? If there are important life decisions to make and work upon, do that this year. Form a plan and begin working on it. Otherwise, these big decisions will rest in the back of your head and affect you mentally. By the way – you don’t necessarily have to stick to your decisions in the long-term. Just don’t let them overwhelm you by not seeing to them!

Form a plan and begin working on it

9. Help Others

As clichéd as this sounds, helping others helps us feel better too. If in the past you were too busy to check on aging family, to look out for lonely neighbors or visit friends, now is the time to do it. Ask wherever you can be of help and simply do what you can! Compassion and empathy are the best attributes you can have, and will give you a great sense of self-fulfillment.

Help Others

10. Forgive and Let Go

Part of what makes us bitter is when we hold on to grudges and grievances for too long. With all the other challenges of life, there is no room for extra baggage and burdens. Make forgiveness a part of your goals for the new year. Lighten your heart by forgiving, even if they don't ask for it, and find your relief emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Make forgiveness a part of your goals for the new year

Final Thoughts

While 2020 was fraught with anguish, fears, and uncertainty, 2021 is the year when we can rebuild ourselves and ensure that the rest of our life is as structured, productive, and positive as can be. With a few changes, you will have the best year ever – not even just workwise, but across all areas of your life!

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