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Photo of the Solo Ryzer Standing Desk at the beautiful interior

Save Space with the Solo Ryzer Adjustable Standing Desk

6.5 min read

Many new businesses with small teams and individuals who work from home, prefer minimalistic office furniture to fit their small office spaces. And for any office space, a desk becomes the most essential piece of furniture to create a productive workspace. So if you’re wondering how to fit a desk in a tiny apartment or office, we have just the solution to turn any space into that perfect work nook! 

The Solo Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk is more than just a work table. It’s a lifestyle change that not only saves space in your room but also improves the way you work. In this blog, we will go over space-saving ideas for your workspace.

Desks for small spaces

Since the demand is to fit more in less, organizations are investing in small desks for maximum utilization of the existing space. Since standing desks are the thing of the future (technically, they are ushering in the future at a rapid pace), it is an excellent way to improve the health conditions of employees, while tackling space constraints within an organization’s premises.

Browse our range of ergonomic standing desks!

Now in an ideal situation, you don’t want to keep standing throughout the day and we don’t recommend it, too much of anything is bad for you. That’s why many standing desk manufacturers offer height adjustable standing desks, which can help you alter the height of your desk so that you can effectively switch between standing and sitting without having to move or rearrange your space.

Photo of the Solo Ryzer Standing Desks by Progressive Desk

Narrow desks for small spaces

When it comes to small standing desks, there are two types of adjustable standing desks for small spaces. These are:

  • An adjustable whole desk replacement.
  • An on-desk standing desk.

An adjustable whole desk replacement means that you can have the full expanse of your adjustable small work desk at any height that works for you. Another benefit of such a desk is that it can be lowered below the height of a normal standing desk, which makes it a comfortable accomplice for working while sitting.

On the other hand, an on-desk solution is a more affordable option that also helps you keep your existing desk, by placing the desk converter on top of your desk. The biggest drawback of this solution is that you only get space for a computer. Not an ideal solution for people who are looking for some more space on their standing desk.

Small height-adjustable desks

Many times, since we run out of space, it is often necessary to keep strict control over the type of small work desks we are using. A very good example of a small height adjustable desk is the Solo Ryzer standing desk. Learn more about the Solo Ryzer standing desk here.

Photo of the Solo Ryzer Standing Desk by Progressive Desk

Best desk for small spaces

Some good to know facts about the Solo Ryzer and why it is one of the best small desks in the adjustable small desk category.

  • Ergonomic model design: With its 3 stages linear motion design, the Solo Ryzer allows you to switch between sitting and standing with the utmost ease. Imagine being able to adjust the height of your work table, without having to worry about noisy movements.
  • Digitally equipped for enhanced convenience: The Solo Ryzer comes digitally equipped with a digital display handset, and four memory preset options, allowing you to save your favorite standing and sitting heights for future use.
  • Smooth height adjustment options: A small adjustable desk is an ideal option for confined spaces, given its smooth height adjustment options. The small desk comes equipped with an electric sit-stand desk frame, offering you a seamless height adjustment, with stability and low noise levels.
  • Health friendly small desk option: The table, crafted from manufactured wood, and metallic base material, will help improve your posture, while also reducing neck and back pain, burning calories and thereby increasing productivity.
  • Small, yet compact work desk: The best quality of a small adjustable height desk is its compactness and skillful design. The Solo Ryzer can be adjusted to fit any sized tabletop. The adjustable legs measure 23.5'' in height, while the maximum height can go up to 49''. The table has been designed to withstand a weight of up to 270 Pounds.
  • Warranty: The mark of a good quality product is the manufacturer’s faith in its product, which is shown by the longevity of the warranty period. Progressive Desk offers an 15-year warranty for this product.
  • Colors: The Solo Ryzer desk frame is available in 3 colors and we also carry a range of 12 tabletop colors you can choose from. Use the desk builder tool on your website to customize the Solo Ryzer standing desk.

If you have any questions while building your dream desk on the Progressive Desk website, don't hesitate to contact the customer support and to get a free consultation. Write to us at email.

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