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What Technology is Used in an Electric Standing Desk?

What Technology is Used in an Electric Standing Desk?

8.6 min read

Electric standing desks are becoming more and more popular in homes and offices, particularly following the huge surge in those working from home. They not only reduce bad posture and promote a more active work style, but are also designed to be sleek and the focal point of any room. Amid the rising demand, many are curious to understand more about the workings and technology used inside their electric standing desk system. In this article, we will be taking a look at the linear actuators and technology that's used inside our high-tech desks, all of which are designed in-house by our engineers!

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Standing Desk Components

Standing Desk by Progressive Desk


Aside from our Economy Ryzer which has its control box and remote together as one device, the basic components of most standing desks includes:

  1. Framing
  2. Control boxes
  3. Motorized legs
  4. Remotes
  5. Tabletop

All of these components are assembled and wired together to perform as a team when operating your standing desk system. Each component plays a specific role, ensuring the desk is able to travel smoothly in synchronous motion while being stable once static.

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1.      Framing



All of our electric standing desks have their frame’s material made of steel with a powder coat finish. This guarantees high structural durability and better stability when in the static position. Steel also holds up well over the years and does not bend or flex when loaded down with weights that are within their weight capacity ratings.

2.      Control Boxes

Control Boxes


The FLTCON-2 and FLTCON-3 are programmed and manufactured by our sister company Progressive Automations. These control boxes are used with our Solo Ryzers, Corner Ryzers, V Ryzers and Twin Ryzers. Control boxes are essentially the brains of our high-tech desks. They are responsible for reading the positions each leg has travelled to and would then output the necessary amount of power to ensure the legs moves to the desired position synchronously. By adjusting how much power is coming from the output, the control box can detect and correct for most disturbances such as uneven weight distribution, aging motors, and physical obstructions.

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3.      Motorized Legs

Linear actuators that are also manufactured by our sister company Progressive Automations gets used inside our motorized legs. These electric linear actuators convert electrical power into linear motion for push and pull forces.

Motorized Legs


For our control box to determine what positions the linear actuators have travelled to, there is positional feedback coming from their internal Hall effect sensors. As the motor of the actuators rotate, square pulses of 5 Volts are being generated from the Hall effect sensors. These pulses are then being counted by the control box to determine the positions which each leg has travelled to.

Connector pinouts for our motorized legs

Connector pinouts for our motorized legs


4.      Remotes

Standing desk remote controls


Standing desk remote controls allow users the ability to provide inputs to the control box of their desk, ultimately moving it up and down. By activation of the remote, signals from the remote are sent to the input ports of the control box. The control box determines how much power needs to be supplied to the output ports for the motorized legs to reach the set point(s) which was commanded by the user holding the remote.


5.      Tabletop

At Progressive Desk, we offer a 15-year warranty for all tabletops to guarantee their long term stylish appearance, high durability, and comfort. We offer a variety of tabletops available in different materials, however, the 3 major categories of tabletops we offer include:

  1. Straight tabletops
  2. Seamless tabletops
  3. Bamboo tabletops


1.      Straight Tabletops

Straight Tabletops

Straight tabletop example (Cinnamon)


Although there are many different color finishes, all our standard straight tabletops will be made of the same materials. Their surface and bottom are Laminate while the edge material is PVC. The bulk of the tabletop consists of Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as the core material. Our careful use of MDF ensure a safe, durable and water resistant tabletop that is environmentally friendly.

2.      Seamless Tabletops

Seamless Tabletops

Seamless tabletop example (Midnight Maple)


Our seamless tabletops are similar to the standard straight tabletops in terms of material. Seamless tabletops also have their surface and bottom as Laminate while the edge material is PVC. The difference is their core material made of Particle Board, also known as Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). The seamless tabletops are sized and shaped specifically for our 3-legged standing desks with larger framing.


3.      Bamboo Tabletops

 Bamboo Tabletops

Bamboo Light Matte (top) and Dark Gloss (bottom)


Our tabletops that are made of 100% carbonized bamboo is highly sustainable for the environment while still having a high-quality finish and strong durability. They are available in 2 different colors; our light matte finish offers a fresh rustic look and the dark gloss finish has a sleek appearance with its warm colour.


Our Standing Desks

We offer the same kind of standing desk technology in our 4 different Ryzers. In order to determine which ryzer suits you best, it is important to know what specifications you were aiming for. Our variety of standing desks offer many different features including different shapes, sizes, colors, price-points, motor systems, and weight capacity ratings to suit all your needs!

Standing desk comparison chart


Our standing desks: 

1. Solo Ryzer

Solo Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Being our most popular desk, the Solo Ryzer works best for most home and office workstations. It comes at a fair price while still offering decent weight capacity, good working space and has lots of color combinations!

2. Corner Ryzer

Corner Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our Corner Ryzer has many different tabletop options for more user customization in both colors and sizes. When placed near the corner of a room, its L-shaped design also allows for improved space efficiency.

3. Economy Ryzer

Economy Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our Economy Ryzer is the most cost-effective desk we offer. With its 4-memory pre-set position feature and its 155 lbs weight capacity, this desk is affordable without compromising!

4. V Ryzer

V Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our V Ryzer  is great for users that are looking for a larger workspace and want to maximize the usable tabletop surface area. It offers a large work area and the rounded tabletop edges provide exceptional style and comfort!



A standing desk system consists of high-end technology operating from behind the scenes to allow the smooth and synchronous motion that we see. For more information on any of our products, feel free to contact us at 1-800-828-9414 or email us at We are happy to help you with any questions you may have!


Nathan Bong

Nathan Bong, Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed, handles the creation and revision of technical content such as articles, datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies. As a graduate of BCIT, he has an academic background in electrical and computer engineering while also having hands-on experience of working with electrical equipment and tools.
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