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Top Five Benefits of Corner Ryzer Adjustable Desk

Top Five Benefits of Corner Ryzer Adjustable Desk

8.8 min read

Productivity depends on many different factors, none of which can be underestimated. We spend at least 8-9 hours working, so a comfortable workplace should be considered with extra care. Have you ever thought about whether you’re content with your office workplace or home workstation, or if you'd like to modify it? Do you feel like you have enough space on your current desk? Or does your workstation fit perfectly in your room, not occupying much space?

While the furniture market offers many office desk options, it’s important to understand the features of each desk type to choose what works best for you. In this blog, you’ll learn more about a corner L-shaped desk, and why it may be a real find for your ideal workspace!

Our L-shaped corner standing desks were built to last, with an industry-leading 15-year warranty!

What is a Corner Desk?

As the name suggests, this desk type is designed to be positioned against a corner in your room, saving space while providing a large area for effective work. The ergonomic shape makes corner desks excellent for small offices and homes. Additionally, standing corner desks allow alternating sitting and standing positions to have a bit of movement during long working hours.


Differences Between L-shaped and Corner Desks

L-shaped and corner tables are large work surface desks and mean the same with only one difference in the number of tabletops. Whereas a corner standing desk usually implies one tabletop shaped to an angle and supported with two or three legs, an L-shaped sit-stand desk, also called a triangle corner desk, always has two rectangular tabletops and three lifting columns. The angled corner desk is usually smaller and a bit cheaper than the L-shaped desk and works perfectly to save cost and room space.


Benefits of Corner or L-shaped Desks

Thanks to the ergonomic shape and wide surface, corner desks help create a comfortable and productive working environment in your office!

An electric standing corner desk provides:

1. Under-desk space — corner desks have more space underneath, allowing you to place some office equipment there such as a printer or a scanner, or other things that you don’t use that often (yes, even New Year decorations can sit there waiting for holidays to come!)

2. Effortless access — you can have all your stuff at arm's reach; all you need is just to swivel in a chair from side to side.

3. Shared working area — if you need to work with one of your teammates on the same task, it's easy for your colleague to share your desk with their laptop.

4. Elbow support — we rarely pay attention to this, but sometimes we can find our elbows hanging down from the table. This position provokes unnecessary arm strain that may cause muscle fatigue. Corner desks ensure elbow support for left and right-handed users, which is especially helpful for those who use a mouse.

5. Proper posture — since as prolonged sitting is associated with various health issues, from obesity and cardiovascular disease to premature death, an easily adjustable corner desk can help minimize the risk of these problems by regularly shifting from sitting to standing.

However, despite all the advantages of corner desks, there are also some drawbacks.

For example, corner desks can look awkward in long and narrow office spaces where perhaps, rectangular desks would be a better solution. Also, sitting facing the edge of a corner desk may be inconvenient for those who prefer, or are used to, regular desks.

Take a look through all of our standing desk accessories, and enhance your workspace!

Top Five Benefits of Our Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

We put all our engineering expertise into this product, and hope you’ll love it as we do!

With the Corner Ryzer, you will benefit from:


1. Ergonomic and Spacious Design

Corner Ryzer desk by Progressive Desk


The Corner Ryzer desk provides an expansive work area rested on three sturdy legs that ensure stable up and down motion when alternating between sitting and standing. The ergonomic design makes this adjustable desk ideal for offices of different sizes giving enough room for a laptop, 2-3 monitors, a keyboard, and all other essentials to get your work done. You can choose one solid angled surface or configure an L-shape desk, opting for two rectangular tabletops. Have a look at our dedicated article to learn more about the advantages of the L-shaped standing desk.

Also, the Corner Ryzer is a comfortable solution for both right and left-handed users as you can flip the tabletop and attach the legs for the most convenient side. You can benefit even more by adding compatible accessories, such as the magnetic adjustable cable management snake, desk drawers to keep useful small things or hand remote controls with 2-4 memory positions offered in black and white colors and different shapes.


2. Huge Choice of Tabletops



Our inch-thick tabletops made of easy-care laminate are solid, durable, and beautiful! A long-lasting water-resistant finish minimizes the risk of scratches and abrasion, and it won’t warp or swell even if you accidentally spill your tea on it. Depending on desk configuration and tabletops' dimensions, you can choose your best-match tabletop color out of the 14 available!

Corner Ryzer tabletops dimensions

Corner Ryzer tabletops dimensions

3.  Sturdy Frames

At Progressive Desk, we pay extra attention to developing quality desk frames, as we know that our desks can be used in various use cases and for different equipment. The Corner Ryzer frames are designed to support 330 lbs — every manufactured frame is tested to prove this capacity. Lift mechanisms powered with linear actuators ensure smooth and quiet motion between sitting and standing positions. Also, adjustable width, height, and anti-collision feature that allows you to stop or reverse a desk movement make the usage of the Corner Ryzer comfortable and safe.    

Corner Ryzer adjustable frame

Corner Ryzer adjustable frame


Check here how to assemble a one-piece Corner Ryzer tabletop for more information.


4.   Seamless Сontrol

Ranging from simple to advanced, motion controls enable you to adjust your desk height using a programmable keypad with up to four memory positions. Moreover, an advanced hand remote allows you to set the maximum and minimum desk height to prevent it from hitting and damaging objects above or below.


5.    Other Attractive Perks

We know that great user experience is everything! That’s why we care about our customers providing free shipping with no duty or customs fee in the contiguous 48 United States and Canada, fast delivery, and a 15-year warranty. We’ll also support you if you want to exchange or return the product and get a refund.

Want to go eco-friendly? Check out our bamboo tabletops for your standing desk!

In Summary

Driven by our intent to create the best standing desk solutions for offices and home workspaces, we developed the Corner Ryzer desk that encompasses advanced technology, stylish design, and environmentally friendly materials. We do hope you’ll enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed the process of its development! Learn more about other standing desk options from Progressive Desk. And reach out to us should you have any questions about our products! | 1-800-828-9414

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