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Most Affordable Standing Desk Solution

The Economy Ryzer - Our Most Cost-Effective Standing Desk!

7.1 min read

Looking to join the standing desk fad, for the most affordable price? Look no further, as the Economy Ryzer might just be the desk for you! Starting at just $555, this desk is the most cost friendly option in our family of standing desks, giving you all the benefits – at a more affordable price. The Economy Ryzer’s single motor adjustable desk frame does not compromise on quality and versatility, and is available in either white, gray, or black color options. Like all of our standing desks, it can be paired with our range of tabletops or your own third-party solution! Furthermore, it’s small footprint, and quiet operation, make it an ideal solution for smaller offices and workspaces. Let’s dive into the main features of this cheap adjustable standing desk, that gives you more for your money!

Check out our most affordable standing desk - the Economy Ryzer!

The Height Range of Our Most Affordable Standing Desk

The Economy Ryzer uses a 2-stage telescoping leg design and can be adjusted from 27.9” to 47.6” in height. It has an adjustable frame which can rise from 39.4” to 58.7” in width, and can accommodate all of our available 42” x 30”, 48” x 30”, and 60” x 30” tabletops. Comparing this to the Solo Ryzer, Corner Ryzer, and V Ryzer standing desks, you may notice these desks can go much lower in height- due to their 3-stage telescoping design. In this case, it is important to consider the heights you are most comfortable with, in both the sitting and standing position.

Top tip: when adjusting the cable management on the desk, it is important to route your cables around the moving transmission rod under the frame, to avoid any snags, and restrictions on the moving parts.

Desk Frames for Economy Ryzer Standing Desk

High Weight Capacity for Ultimate Sturdiness

Our standing desk lift mechanisms have many desirable and high-quality features, including a strong steel design, quiet operation, and precise movement. One of main defining features of the Economy Ryzer is its single motor desk frame design. It synchronizes both legs through a transmission rod which connects the motor to both legs. With a lifting capacity of 155 lbs, and travel speed of 1” per second, the Economy Ryzer can tackle the weight requirements for many different types of desk setups and workspace solutions. While it does not offer as much lifting force as two or more motors, it is in turn much quieter to use when you are looking to change the height of the desk.


Comprehensive Control System

The Economy Ryzer comes standard with its own unique control solution, which combines the control box and remote into one single unit, minimizing the clutter of cable management under the desk. The advantage of this advanced keypad is not just its four programmable height preset options, but also its height limit feature which allows you to set the upper and lower height limits of your sit stand desk! This ensures that it does not bump into anything you may have above or below it. This Progressive Desk standing desk hand remote allows you to experience a smooth and convenient way to control your desk - with just the touch of a button. Like the Solo Ryzer - The Economy Ryzer also has the ability to adjust the sensitivity of its collision detection system to protect your desk and your setup, as well as the ability to lock out the keypad to prevent any unsafe operation. These advanced features are what truly make this desk one of the best budget standing desks on the market!

The Economy Ryzer has four different sensitivity settings to choose from:

  1. A-0: This function turns the collision detection feature off.
  2. A-1: This will set the collision for “Low Sensitivity”.
  3. A-2: This will set the collision for “Medium Sensitivity”.
  4. A-3: This will set the collision for “High Sensitivity”.


The sensitivity options will essentially dictate how much force the desk will apply before the collision detection system kick in. When the desk rises or descends, it will rebound immediately when it encounters an obstacle to protect.

Economy Ryzer Standing Desk

Wide Variety of Tabletops

The Economy Ryzer shares many of the same tabletops as the rest of the Ryzer family, with multiple colors and sizes to choose from – this list is also constantly expanding! Each tabletop is an inch thick, and available in two materials: solid core MDF, with a high-pressure laminate finish, or the eco-friendly bamboo tabletops, compromised of solid-pressed bamboo sheets. Many of our standing desk tabletops come with pre-drilled holes to attach to the desk frames, requiring only a screwdriver, and the included Allen wrench to assemble!

Browse our entire desk range for your perfect workspace!

Conclusion: An Inexpensive Standing Desk Without Compromise

Although this desk’s weight limit and height range are lower when compared with the Solo Ryzer, Corner Ryzer, and V Ryzer, the Economy Ryzer still strongly compete in both its affordability, and minimalist design and operation. If you are looking for cheap standing desk options, while maintaining high-quality designs and functionality, the Economy Ryzer might just be the right one for you!

If you have any queries about any of our desks, please contact us and one of our customer support agents would be delighted to help you! You can also browse our range of desks and build your very own desk from scratch using our “Build Your Desk” configurator on our website.

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