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Our Staff's Favorite Standing Desk Features

Our Staff's Favorite Standing Desk Features

10 min read

After years in the industry, we like to think we know a thing or two about standing desks. The best technologies to operate them, the minimum quality thresholds for the frames and tabletops, the importance of sturdiness and durability – this list is practically endless! While we can speak for hours on end about the features to consider when buying an adjustable standing desk, we know that real reviews and experiences are equally, if not more, important. All of our staff use a standing desk in the office, and many use them at home. Whether you opt for Progressive Desk or an alternative supplier, we feel our staff and colleagues have some of the best insight!

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In this article, some of our staff have outlined their favorite standing desk features, and what exactly they love the most about them. This may help you with your research journey, or inspire you to upgrade your current setup! Let’s get started.


Greg Kimbell: Technical Content & Digital Media Specialist

Digital Content Specialist

Working with a standing desk has forever changed the way I work at a desk. Firstly, I was able to customize which tabletop and frame I wanted (which was super easy with pre-drilled holes on the tabletop). There are some simple features such as adjusting the height and saving multiple locations that are perfect for sitting/standing, as well as fully extending the desk and storing my chair underneath to clear the space in my office. Beyond this, the accessories allow me to charge and plug in various devices within reach. A power grommet mounted into the center grommet hole gives me two outlets and two USB ports which is perfect for charging my Chromebook and cameras. This also means no more crawling under my desk to plug something into an outlet! The remote that the desk comes with also has a convenient USB port so I can charge my phone off to the side without wires hanging everywhere.


Moh Khokhar: B2B Product Engineer

B2B Engineer

I think standing desks are a great addition to your office, whether it be your home or work office, as I find the physical comfort a standing desk enables also has an effect on your mental health. Personally, I feel a lot less stressed and strained using my standing desk, as opposed to my old desk. At the end of the day, I also feel more energetic, having not been sitting all day. My favorite feature of a standing desk is the memory position’s feature. Having four positions saved for quick positioning of the desk makes it effortless for me to change positions and perform at my optimal, without having to think twice. A great feature for those of us, like myself, that are particularly picky about how our desk is set up!


Orlaith Morris: Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialist

I had never used a standing desk before starting with Progressive Desk, and the thought of using one had never crossed my mind. However, once I started using one on a daily basis in the office, I now consider it a contributor to both my productivity and activeness - it also allows me to achieve my stand goal every day, as my Apple watch so kindly reminds me! I have even added a standing desk to my home office too (the Economy Ryzer – most affordable in our range, but just what I needed).

Both my home and office standing desks have a memory-positioning remote control, meaning I have preset my sitting and standing heights and literally just have to press a button to sit or stand. I also have larger sized tabletops (60” x 30”), and think this is the smallest I would want, mostly due to my 3 screens. I have also started adding more and more accessories to my desks – the ones I am getting the most benefits from are the power clamp, monitor risers, wireless charging pad, and anti-fatigue mat. I would definitely recommend adding useful accessories to your desk, as they make a huge difference in my day-to-day. All in all, my favorite feature of a standing desk is pretty obvious – the standing part! However, now that I’ve been using one almost daily for over a year, the above points I mentioned are definitely extra specs I would look out for.


Kushang Jhala: HR Administrator

HR Administrator

My favorite type of standing desk is a corner desk, so I’m fortunate to have a Corner Ryzer in my work office. The tabletop provides me with a ton of space where I can place two monitors, a keyboard and mouse, not one but two laptops, my coffee cup, and still have space to fit a printer! When I want to stand, the desk does not wobble despite all the weight on top of it, so I would definitely say that weight capacity should be a key feature you look out for. My favorite color combo would be a black frame with cinnamon-colored tabletop!


Erika Lorbes: SMM & Email Marketing Specialist

SMM & Email Marketing Specialist

I find the Solo Ryzer to be the perfect desk for me since it is compact yet sturdy enough to handle the weight of multiple monitors and other heavy equipment. Aside from the fact that it has been the best thing that's ever happened to my lower back, it's very easy to use. I tend to have varying sitting positions while creating content, so the anti-collision feature helps prevent any accidents whenever I mistakenly bump my remote. Lastly, I really like how the frame height is petite-friendly! I am 5'2 and the Solo Ryzer's 23.6" - 49.1" height range works great for both my sitting and standing heights.


Guninder Malhi: Lead B2B Product Engineer

Lead B2B Engineer

I am a huge fan of our Solo Ryzer since it is such an all rounder which is quiet and well-built. The particular feature I am crazy about is the memory pre-set which adjusts the table height with the press of a single button. When it comes to these desks, I personally like to make sure the colors of the whole setup will go with my interior, and I would suggest everyone to make sure they have the right colors for their setting. I have a black frame with a dark walnut 60” x30” tabletop which looks really amazing with my home office setup. If I had the space for it, I would 100% go for a V-shaped standing desk (our V Ryzer is super impressive), and enjoy all of the extra desk space and premium feel that goes with it!

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Corner Ryzer Standing Desk


There you have it! We hope that this article highlighted some important features in a standing desk, through personal experiences from people who use one nearly every day! From recapping on what’s been mentioned, it seems like different features are important to different people and environments. Memory-positioning is a huge benefit that was frequently mentioned by the Progressive Desk staff in this article, alongside the inclusion of accessories to amplify your space. All have seen an improvement in their energy and productivity levels since using a standing desk, which are great added benefits alongside the activity and convenience.

If you have more questions around standing desks, our customer support would be more than glad to help! Feel free to contact us by call or email and we will make sure to put you in touch with one of our expert engineers (yes, as we design the motion control products within these desks, most of our staff are engineers!) Thanks for reading this article, we really hope it helped.

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