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Gas Spring Monitor Stands for Ergonomic and Productive Workspace

Gas Spring Monitor Stands for Ergonomic and Productive Workspace

3.0 min read

We’re opening this year with significant additions to our Monitor stands lineup! We’re confident that the monitor stands are an essential accessory to improve your workspace experience and boost productivity while enhancing your wellness.

The primary purpose of the monitor stand is to raise your monitor to eye level and help you keep a more comfortable position when working at your computer. The monitor stand typically enables portrait and landscape rotation, forward and backward tilt, and viewing angle adjustment to create an ergonomic working environment, which eventually affects your productivity.

Monitor stands


Some Reasons Why You Need a Monitor Stand

Naturally, if we can’t change the monitor position to see the screen better, we have no other choice but to adjust our posture, starting to slouch and crane our necks, which may ultimately cause neck and back pain. So, from this perspective, the ability to move your screen is a therapeutic measure to help you avoid the negative consequences of bad posture, such as headache, eye strain, and muscle pain.

Apart from the physiological benefits, some studies show that people using two screens are more likely to be productive. Thanks to the monitor stand adjustability, you can configure the most comfortable setup for your daily work tasks by, for example, placing monitors side by side or making a mix of portrait and landscape.

Monitor stand


Another good thing about monitor stands is freeing up your workspace. Having your monitors raised, you can find lots of room on your desk you couldn’t use before. Moreover, many monitor arms now offer an integrated cable management system, which will address the dangling cables issue once and for all.

Adjustable monitor stands are also an indispensable addition to the agile workspace, where fewer workstations host different people working on various tasks, and each of them needs to set up their way.


Single and Dual Monitor Stands

As their name suggests, a single monitor stand is designed for one monitor, whereas a dual monitor stand has two arms to place two screens. Whether you need a single or dual monitor stand depends much on the nature of the job you perform and the number of documents you need open simultaneously.

Adjustable monitor stand


Single Gas Spring Monitor Stand

Our new DM-02-1 single gas spring monitor stand is perfect for those users who work with one screen and need it to be adjustable to create a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. Raising your monitor at eye level allows you to achieve an anatomically correct head position, helping mitigate eye strain and significantly reduce neck and back pain. The DM-02-1 monitor stand fits a 17"- 30" screen that you can place in different ways thanks to the 180 degrees monitor rotation, giving room for changing the screen placement at your convenience. This universal monitor arm is powered by a durable gas spring height adjustment mechanism, allowing you to move your monitor screen up and down before you fix it at an appropriate level.

Monitor stand


You can attach the DM-02-1 to your desk using the bundled clamp or a grommet mount to install the monitor arm immediately through the predrilled hole in the tabletop. The gas spring monitor arm is foldable thanks to the movable joint; thus, it can be simply stored in cabinets or on shelves. Also, our monitor mount comes with an integrated cable management system to hide the cables you may have tangled at your desk and free up more workspace.

Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arms

Often, you need more than one monitor to get your tasks done. Whereas two screens do increase productivity, it may be challenging to set up your workspace ergonomically. Our new dual monitor stands, DM-02-2 and DM-03-2 are designed to provide greater flexibility when arranging your monitors to get the best view.

The DM-02-2 dual gas spring monitor stand revolves 180 degrees and fits two 10"-27" screens with an arm's weight capacity of 5-20 lbs each. Like its “younger brother” in the monitor stands family, a single monitor arm, this dual monitor model is powered by gas springs, ensuring smooth height adjustment to make an ergonomic setup of two monitors, and the mechanism's durability.

Spring monitor stand


The DM-03-2 dual monitor arm is a super space saver! It helps free up more space on your desk thanks to its 360-rotation feature, allowing you to place the stand closer to the desk’s edge. In addition, this monitor arm can hold two 17" - 32" screens and raise them to 17.91" in height.

Monitor stands


Raise your monitor to an ergonomic height and elevate your productivity!

All three gas spring monitor stands comply with VESA mount standards and can be attached to a desk with a universal desk clamp or a grommet mount to fix the stand immediately through the grommet hole. We also equipped our monitor stands with a cable management system to organize your wires and take them off the desk, freeing up space that can be used for other purposes.

Whether you are comfortable working with one monitor or need two to accomplish your tasks, you can be sure – our gas spring monitor stands will reliably secure your screens while providing you with greater movement and flexibility!

We have more monitor stands here – check it out! Also, browse our standing desks collection to find a desk to fit you the best! | 1-800-828-9414

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