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Photo of a standing desk

5 Reasons You Need to Use Adjustable Monitor Stands

10.6 min read

While you may feel content and satisfied using your monitor without any additional features, you may not realize the benefits a simple addition can make. These additions are particularly worthwhile if looking at your monitor for extended periods of time, or if used regularly. One such addition is an adjustable monitor stand.

Computer monitor stands are useful for a variety of reasons, steadily growing more and more common among home and office computer users. Many users claim they see instantaneous benefits and quickly consider monitor stands a necessity on their computer desk. Today, we will discuss why monitor stands are so worthwhile, their functionality, and the different types available.

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What is a computer monitor stand?

A monitor stand is a unique tool, purpose-built to ease your eyes and body while you are working at your computer. It is designed for your monitor to either sit on top or be fixated to, allowing you to adjust it based on eye-to-monitor preference. It is claimed that approximately 14% of optometry patients have vision problems due to prolonged work at their computers, making these monitor additions all the more prevalent.

Photo of a standing desk with a computer in a room

Monitor stands for desks serve two main purposes:

  • Adjusts the position of the monitor to a comfortable height. When the monitor is situated on the surface of a table, the user must adjust their positioning and eye-level to suit the screen. It is said the correct monitor level is the height at which the center of the screen is 5-7cm below the user's eye level; this can be achieved using these stands.
  • Clears up free space on your desk. When the monitor is sitting on the table, it takes up unnecessary room. With a monitor stand, the space generated underneath the monitor can be used for other purposes.

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5 Reasons to Use Adjustable Monitor Stands

We have culminated in the top 5 reasons to invest in an adjustable monitor stand.

Photo of a businessman holding hand to neck


1.    Back, neck and eye discomfort

A constant static position throughout the day can put your health at serious risk. An adjustable monitor stand for your desk allows you to change your body position throughout the day by altering the height and angle of the screen, offering a ‘second-best’ option to leaving your desk regularly to stretch. Get a monitor stand early to alleviate back, neck, and eye discomfort. If you don’t have any of these issues but use a monitor regularly, get a stand early; prevention is key in these cases.

2.    You are tired of adjusting to your screen

 Monitor stands give you the ability to adjust your screen to a comfortable height, as well as better control the distance from your eyes and the angle of the screen. Your neck, shoulders, and back will also see the benefits of this control as you will be in a position self-designed for your comfort and convenience.

Photo of several monitors on the workplace at once.

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3.    Stand functionality

A computer monitor stand has wider functionality than you may think. With certain stands you fixate to the back of monitors, you can put the screen in an upright position, turn it around completely to 360 degrees, or even place several monitors around your workplace at once. This would allow you to widen the screen picture to fill the whole field of vision. With the help of modern arms and racks, you can optimize your workspace for maximum performance.

Photo of a standing desk Solo Ryzer model by Progressive Desk

4.    Optimized workspace

To work efficiently, a properly managed and clear workspace is key. The computer monitor takes up unnecessary room on the desk, which can be resolved with a stand. The area freed up underneath the stand can be utilized, allowing additional room for your items and make your desk less cluttered.

5.    Improved productivity

Thanks to the advantages already mentioned of monitor stands, one benefit that stems from this is improved productivity. This can also be seen whether you have a height-adjustable table or chair with anatomical cushions. Making small adjustments to your workspace to improve your overall wellbeing really does work in improving your focus and productivity. A monitor stand falls into this category and therefore may be the small addition that makes a big difference to your day.

Types of Monitor Stands

As discussed, if you spend a lot of time looking at your screen, a computer monitor stand will be a real asset to you. If you make the decision to go ahead with this addition to your day-to-day, the next step is knowing what type to choose.

Mechanical Riser

Photo of hands screwing adjustable monitor riser

If you want to completely free up your workspace while raising your monitor, an adjustable monitor riser is what you need. It is a simple mount for your monitor that you can use to adjust the height of the screen at any time, without much effort. This simple mechanism allows you to adjust the y-axis of the screen, raising and lowering your monitor while freeing up space for other items on the desk. Installing this type of computer display stand does not take much time; if you follow the instructions carefully, you can easily do it yourself.

Photo of a mechanical riser, a PC monitor arms

Monitor Holder

Similar to a mechanical riser, a PC monitor arm’s main function is to mount and adjust the monitor to a comfortable height. However, these devices allow adjustment of both the horizontal and vertical aspects of the monitor. You can fixate the monitor to any surface: a table, wall, or even to the floor. The axis of rotation allows you to adjust the screen position to your individual needs — the monitor is basically floating in the air and can be turned and moved around as you wish. It is also possible to mount several monitors in different positions at once.

Computer Monitor Brackets

A bracket is a wall-mounted, sometimes ceiling-mounted, multi-purpose fixture for various devices. If you need to attach your monitor screen to the wall, this type of height-adjustable monitor stand is extremely reliable. The installation of this mechanism requires certain knowledge, as the construction must be fixated stably. Otherwise, this process is not complicated. With a few bolts and correct calculations, you can place the monitor at the desired height for comfortable work. By choosing this type among the other computer monitor stands, you should pay close attention to the volume and weight that the bracket is capable of withstanding — if you have an especially large or heavy monitor, or you plan on fixating multiple monitors at once, make sure that the bracket you choose is strong enough.

Photo of a slim aluminum monitor riser stand

Slim Monitor Stand

The simplest solution is the slim monitor stand. The elegant appearance and abundance of any complicated design make this accessory a very convenient addition to a workplace. It can be used for a computer monitor, laptop, or tablet. This desktop monitor stand raises the monitor, reducing strain to the user’s eyes and spine. It also helps with optimizing the workspace by freeing up space.

Monitor Riser

The most popular tool for raising the screen level is the desk monitor riser. It is a great combination of simplicity and functionality, which are important for efficient performance at work. This monitor shelf is also suitable not only for a computer monitor but also for a laptop, printer, player, and other devices. Unlike the mechanical rise, it is non-adjustable — its main feature is simplicity. If you just need a little mount, this is the perfect option for you.

Conclusion: A small investment for big differences

Whichever type of computer monitor stand you choose, it will be a great addition to your workplace. Benefits include a back, neck, and eye relief, a more convenient monitor position, and improved productivity. Don’t wait until you have problems with your eyesight or posture – implement this small addition and it won't take you long to notice the big differences.

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