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Best Selling Items for Black Friday 2021

Best Selling Items for Black Friday 2022

8.5 min read

As Black Friday approaches soon, many of us are looking for the best Black Friday standing desk sale we can find for a workstation upgrade. If you’ve been saving up for a while, why not just treat yourself with a new computer desk for Black Friday?

Black Friday Desk Deals 2022!

Some of the products that are being offered for black Friday would include standing desks, desk converters and accessories that’s also handy for pre-existing workstations. With all the variety we offer, Progressive Desk has something for nearly everyone!

Browse our range of standing desks, allowing you to move while you work!

Standing Desks

Height adjustable standing desks are great for reducing bad posture and promotes a more active work style compared to the traditional sedentary nature of office work. Our stand up desks for black Friday are available in options such as: 


Solo Ryzer

Solo Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Being our most popular desk, the Solo Ryzer works best for most home and office workstations. It comes at a fair price while still offering decent weight capacity, good working space and has lots of color combinations!


Corner Ryzer

Corner Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our corner desk for Back Friday has many different tabletop options for more user customization in both colors and sizes. When placed near the corner of a room, its L-shaped design also allows for improved space efficiency. If you are looking for an L shaped desk for black Friday, this is the desk option for you!

Economy Ryzer

Economy Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our Economy Ryzer is the most cost-effective desk we offer. With its 4-memory pre-set position feature and its 155 lbs weight capacity, this desk is affordable without compromising!

V Ryzer

V Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our V Ryzer standing desk is a great option for users who are looking for a larger workspace and maximize the usable tabletop surface area. It offers a large work area and the rounded tabletop edges provide exceptional style and comfort!

Pair your desk and workspace with some useful desk accessories, from wireless chargers to monitor stands!

Desk Converters

Desk Converters by Progressive Desk


A standing desk converter for black Friday is a great bang for buck deal for pre-existing workstations that were originally unable to adjust working height. They are also great options for users who want to continue keeping their original workstation unmodified. Some of the Standing Desk Converters we offer are available as:

Here’s our video for a quick overview of the Standing Desk Converters:

Electric Desk Converter

Electric Desk Converter


Electric Desk Converters offer the most surface area and convenience as users can raise and lower working height with just the press of a button. They also have the highest desk converter weight capacity rating of 55 lbs!


Mechanical Desk Converter

Mechanical Desk Converter by Progressive Desk


Mechanical Desk Converters offer a good working surface area for your pre-existing workstation and are nearly the same size as the Electric Desk Converter. This desk converter has a solid weight capacity rating of 33 lbs and operates without electricity, making it more affordable than our electric version. For workstations that are not near a wall outlet or has no easy access to electricity, this option is excellent!


Compact Desk Converter

Compact Desk Converter by Progressive Desk


Compact desk converters are the most cost-effective option for pre-existing workstations to have an adjustable working height. They work best for users that have a minimalistic set up and lighter loads which are within the weight capacity rating of 19.8 lbs. If you were looking for the most compact, lightweight, and portable cost-effective desk converter, our Compact Desk Converter is the perfect choice!

Build your own personalized standing desk in just a couple of steps using our Desk Builder!

Desk Accessories

Adding accessories to your workstation allows you to optimize your workstation and makes it more convenient for use! We have outlined some of our most popular desk accessories that can make a huge difference to the way you work.

Power Solutions


Power Bar for Standing Desk


2-Plug Desk Clamp Power Bar w/ USB Ports

Our Power Solutions offer more outlets for all the different devices you may need to power at your workstation. As part of our power solutions, the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box and Standing Desk Portable Battery can even allow Solo Ryzer desks to be a mobile standing desk!

Monitor Stands

 Monitor Stands


Monitor stands allow monitors to be positioned at ergonomic heights and alleviate any strain from your neck, shoulders, and back! We have a variety of different monitor stands available from single and dual stands, to UV disinfectant and aluminum risers.

Caster Wheels

Standing Desk Caster Wheels


Our caster wheels are designed for conveniently moving desks from one area to another, whether its moving around in an open office, or redesigning your home workspace. Depending on the desk you have, and the number of wheels you need, we have sets of four and six.


Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mats


Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to reduce the strain on your legs and back when standing, allowing you to stand for longer and more comfortably!


Headphone Hangers

Standing Desk Headphone Hangers


Headphone Hangers allow quick and convenient access for users to place their headphones away.


Wireless Charging Pad

Standing Desk Wireless Charging Pad


Our Wireless Charging Pad is convenient for charging phones without any tangled wires or the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging ports! Keep it on your desk and simply lay your phone on top of it whenever it needs to be charged.



Standing Desk Drawers


Our Standing Desk Drawers are great for storing many of your smaller office supplies, and their locking feature ensures secure storage. This drawer is designed to be mounted to the underside of your desk, so it moves with you as you sit or stand!



Grommets for Standing Desks


We also offer different choices of grommets to pair with our standing desks, perfect for customizing your workstation to the style and colors of your choice! The circle grommets are for tabletops that are 48” x 30” or smaller. Every other tabletop will require the rectangular grommets.



Standing Desk Remotes


Aside from the Economy Ryzer, all our standing desks are compatible with the different remote options we offer. From memory pre-sets to simple up and down functionality, our range was designed to suit different needs and different workspaces!



Our up coming Black Friday office desk deals have been created to offer a huge range of affordable options for different workspace requirements. Whether you’re looking for a new gaming desk on Black Friday, an upgraded working station or just more accessories for your current set up, Progressive Desk has something for everyone! For more information on our products, feel free to contact us at 1-800-828-9414 or email us at We are happy to help you with any questions you may have!

Nathan Bong

Nathan Bong, Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed, handles the creation and revision of technical content such as articles, datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies. As a graduate of BCIT, he has an academic background in electrical and computer engineering while also having hands-on experience of working with electrical equipment and tools.
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