All of Our 2021 Standing Desk Black Friday Deals

All of Our 2021 Standing Desk Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is upon us, and we’re delighted to be partaking in the biggest shopping event of the year with our biggest deals yet. Following a crazy year, the way we work has changed dramatically and standing desks have become a huge priority to those of us working from home. Moving as you work is made simple with these additions to your workspace, so why not saving some money and get your adjustable desk on Black Friday?

Keep reading to learn about all of our deals, include a huge 50% discount on select products!

Take a look through all of our standing desks and save big this Black Friday!

Find Your Perfect Standing Desk on Black Friday

We’ve made it simple this Black Friday with our deals and discounts, allowing you to pick your perfect desk without worrying too much about savings. Spend $600 CAD, and get an automatic 20% discount on your entire order! The next part is easy – we have four standing desks to offer, and one is guaranteed to suit your requirements.


Black Friday Standing Desk Deals

Check out each of our desks below, and how our Black Friday sale on standing desks could potentially save you plenty of cash!

1.      Economy Ryzer

Economy Ryzer by Progressive Desk


The Economy Ryzer is our most affordable standing desk, but absolutely does not compromise on quality or functionality. With two-stage legs, a single motor, height range of 27.9" - 47.6", and an 8-year warranty, it’s a great affordable solution! You can learn more about this desk by clicking here.

This desk starts at $555 CAD, so you won’t get our 20% discount from just this desk alone – fear not though, we have you covered! Our huge range of accessories will enhance your workspace, from monitor stands and cable management solutions to wireless chargers and under-desk drawers.

Save 40% on all Desk Converters - sit or stand without committing to a full desk!

2.       Solo Ryzer

 Solo Ryzer by Progressive Desk


The Solo Ryzer is one of our most popular desks and we can see why! It differs from the Economy Ryzer with some more advanced specifications, such as its three-stage legs, dual motors, height range of 23.6" - 49.1", and huge 15-year warranty. You can learn more about this desk by clicking here.

Our Solo Ryzer starts at $750 CAD however, with our 20% discount sale you could pay as little as $600 CAD! Any other products you add to your cart with this desk will also avail of 20% discount, and we also have accessories with discounts up to 50%!


3.       Corner Ryzer

 Corner Ryzer by Progressive Desk


Our Corner Ryzer standing desk is one of our two angled desks! Its L-shaped design will give you a huge workspace, and you have two tabletop choices – a seamless one-piece tabletop, or combine two of our rectangular tabletops to make a two-piece design. There’s a large range of sizes available with our two-piece design, so make sure to check that out!

The Corner Ryzer has three-stage legs, triple motors, a height range of 23.6" - 49.1", and a 15-year warranty. Learn more about this desk by clicking here.

You can save big with this desk using our Black Friday deal! While it usually starts from $1180 CAD you can save $236 CAD and only pay $944 CAD!

Save a huge 50% on our most popular Monitor Riser with a UV Disinfectant Light!

4.     V Ryzer

  V Ryzer by Progressive Desk


The V Ryzer standing desk is our most premium standing desk with a unique V-shaped design that is sure to be the focal point of any space. Our V-shaped tabletops are smooth and sleek, and designed to be durable. You can learn more about the V Ryzer by clicking here.

Its key features don’t differ too much from the Corner Ryzer, but it does have a higher height range! The V Ryzer boasts three-stage legs, triple motors, a height range from 23.6" - 49.4", and yes – a huge 15-year warranty!


Standing Desk Accessories – Black Friday Deals

Standing Desk Converters


Our deals don’t end with our desks – in fact, one of our biggest discounts ever has been applied to our popular Monitor Risers with a UV Disinfectant Light, with a huge 50% automatic discount! You can also find our Standing Desk Converters on Black Friday, which have an automatic discount of 40%. They’re the best solution if you’re not fully convinced you want to convert to a full standing desk, but still want the sit-to-stand ability.

These two discounts are a great deal, and require no minimum spend! All of our other accessories fall under our site-wide 20% discount with the minimum purchase of $600 CAD. These are still great savings if you’re buying a standing desk and adding some workspace-enhancing accessories. For example, why not invest in a mobile standing desk on Black Friday – just add the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box, Standing Desk Portable Battery and caster wheels to your cart!


Final Word

If you’re looking for a great Black Friday sale on standing desks, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Don’t waste any time as once something’s gone – it’s gone. Take a look through all of our standing desks, desk converters and accessories to find your perfect workspace package. We are, of course, always on-hand to help with any queries you might have. Just contact us or chat with us on our Live Chat during office hours!

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