Benefits of Using an Anti Fatigue Mat

Benefits of Using an Anti Fatigue Mat

It has become rather popular of late to stand while working. Many work environments are adopting the use of ergonomic standing desks in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Whether standing is a matter of your job role or personal preference, some steps are imperative to make working conditions more comfortable and safe for employees. And that is where benefits of anti-fatigue mat come in handy.

What is an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

As the name suggests, its main purpose is to lessen fatigue which may accrue when a person stands for prolonged spans on a hard surface. But not only that. They also help to curtail accidents, protect the environment and do other things. Mats are made of different substances the most typical being wood, rubber, vinyl, and various carpeting materials.


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Why Use an Anti Fatigue Mat?

Having received an answer to the question “what is an anti-fatigue mat?” you may ask another one: “why would I need it?” The reply is rather simple. Continued standing is not always good. Humans are not robots, they can’t stand for hours on end upon an unyielding surface with no serious impact on their health. As scientific researches confirm, employees who spend their working day standing use 20% more energy than their sitting counterparts. Moreover, just a 90-minute standing span results in the feeling of discomfort and stiffness in lower limbs caused by constricted muscles which limit blood flow to the legs. Other body parts affected by prolonged standing include back, neck, and shoulders. The fatigue which thus accumulates may develop into a pain that eventually reduces productivity.

How do anti-fatigue mats work to combat the mentioned side effects? They reduce the time of static standing. While placed on them your legs make subtle motions during which muscles try to offset the instability of the mat. This, in turn, maintains the blood flow through the body and causes the change of posture which is also a means to fight tiredness.

What are the Advantages of an Anti Fatigue Mat?

Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mat benefits include:

  • Reducing fatigue and improving health. Research has shown that the use of a mat can lower fatigue levels by 50%. Consequently, the employees are less likely to develop varicose veins, joint pains, heart diseases, and pregnancy problems.
  • Decreasing accidents. A textured surface of the mat is designed to keep it from sliding from under your feet, so anti-fatigue mats in the workplace will prevent slips and trips (even on wet surfaces) which are the number one cause for injuries at work.
  • Saving money. Do anti-fatigue mats work economy-wise? Of course, they do. Minimizing diseases and accidents keep low the cost of treatment, work leaves, and paid absences defrayed by the business owners.
  • Enhancing productivity. Better health of employees spells more productivity on their part. Having fewer absentees and less time workers spend at home with injuries will translate into more motivated and happier staff and, consequently, significant growth of your business revenues.

How to Choose an Anti Fatigue Mat?

When selecting the product you must be absolutely sure that you will be able to make the most of the advantages of anti-fatigue mat. Since there are many types of them, you should realize what and where it will be used for. The thickness of the mat provided by the cushiony filling is a good clue to this end. In industrial environments, it is better to employ thinner “standing mats” since the workers are likely to be wearing supportive shoes. At home or office where employees give preference to flats or slippers a thicker “kitchen mat” will suit better. Besides, mats must not slip and must have sloped edges to prevent a trip hazard.

With the modern tendency to work standing an anti-fatigue mat stops being a luxury or a whim rather becoming a vital necessity. By equipping work stations with it you will not only take care of the employees' health and safety but also step up their productivity thus enhancing your income.

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