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How Ergonomic Workstations Benefit Packing and Assembly Lines

How Ergonomic Workstations Benefit Packing and Assembly Lines

Employee well-being and proper ergonomics are just as important as following the safety standards in any workplace. Although the use of automation is growing in industrial production lines, many tasks still require manual intervention from workers. Because of this, an emphasis on ergonomic design for worker comfort and proper posture is crucial to reduce the high costs of worker injuries from excessive bending and heavy lifting while in awkward or uncomfortable working positions. This article will cover how ergonomic workstations benefit workers, product quality, and the efficiency of packing and assembly lines.

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Benefits of Height Adjustable Stations for Workers

Actuator systems


Just like in an office, proper posture, ergonomics, and comfort are also crucial for workers in an industrial production setting. Due to the physically demanding nature of packing and assembly lines, workers are often in awkward or uncomfortable working positions which can lead to physical injury and negatively affect worker morale. Height adjustable stations utilize actuator systems similar to standing desk technology to reliably handle heavy loads while changing between seated and standing positions. They also allow workstations to accommodate a wider range of body types and heights.

Through height adjustable stations, workers can enjoy the convenience of perfectly configuring their workstation’s height at the simple press of a button. By reducing the extent of how much extra bending and heavy lifting a worker will need to perform, ergonomic workstations lower the risk of workplace injuries by promoting proper posture and ergonomics.


Improving Product Quality with Ergonomic Workstations

 Team productivity


Aside from promoting ergonomics and proper posture, the use of height adjustable stations also benefits product quality and overall business performance. Less downtime from workplace injuries leads to greater production efficiency, increased team productivity, and improved product quality.

Employee well-being and good physical health also help to boost worker satisfaction, builds team loyalty, and improve employee retention. A team-oriented business also tends to motivate workers to have a positive work attitude and has a lower rate of unplanned employee absence.

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Reducing Workplace Injuries Through Ergonomic Design  

Standing desk frame


Having the right equipment to mitigate possible workplace hazards allows for better worker safety and productivity. Standard workstations are often limited to a single fixed static height, however, standing desk frames and lifting columns can be integrated to accommodate the different height ranges of working individuals. In terms of workplace safety, the integration of height adjustable stations is an effective means of improving ergonomics and injury prevention.

lifting columns


When working on an assembly or packing line, the common issues that prevent proper posture tend to be:

A. Craned neck
B. Drooping shoulders
C. Back strain
D. Unsupported wrist and forearm


Being physically strong and fit can help to build a greater tolerance to tough working conditions, however, the overtime effect of poor posture and lack of assistance with heavy lifting may eventually result in discomfort, injuries, or muscle fatigue.

Height adjustable station


Whether you were seated or standing, height adjustable stations can be configured to the exact height that was suitable for each individual user to promote proper posture seen above with:

A. Straight neck
B. Shoulders relaxed
C. Upright back
D. Wrist and forearm support


Automated Mobile Lifting Work Bench

Automated mobile lifting work


The Automated Mobile Lifting Work Bench built by Ken Smith of Kiser Controls demonstrates how a standard workbench can be converted into height adjustable stations by utilizing lifting columns. Ken was able to raise and lower his Automated Mobile Lifting Work Bench using our FLT-04 lifting column set. Each corner of these ergonomic workstations has a lifting column securely integrated, ensuring greater stability and a high lifting capacity of 700 lbs with the four legs. Combined with its height range of 23.5" to 49", this system has the versatility to handle nearly any ergonomic workstation requirements found in assembly and packing lines.

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Custom Ergo Carts

Custom ergo cart


In some cases, ergonomic workstations and lifting equipment may require a compact size for the portability and convenience to move from one building to another. Our customers at AE Ergonomics also utilize some of our custom lifting columns for their Custom Ergo Carts. These carts are designed as a safe and convenient means of handling heavy loads for mitigating workplace injuries due to heavy lifting. This design shares similarities to height adjustable stations and can be used for applications within their custom height range. Their versatile custom designs can accommodate different work conditions by being available in configurations with 1 pillar, 2 pillars, or 4 pillars.


Each Custom Ergo Cart can be chosen to have either aluminum or butcher block tops. The powerful motors and high-quality aluminum construction ensure each custom column handles its rated weight capacity of 450 lbs. Paired with our RT-11 remote, the FLTCON control boxes allow the Custom Ergo Carts to stay in synchronous motion when multiple columns are integrated into a single cart.

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Actuator systems found in lifting columns and standing desk technology allow packing and assembly line workers the ability to adjust workstations to a comfortable height for better comfort and productivity. Height adjustable stations are not only effective for injury prevention, but they also contribute to long-term worker satisfaction and help improve employee retention.

We offer many different models of standing desks and lifting columns to meet your ergonomic workstation needs. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best height adjustable stations for your application. | 1-800-828-9414

Nathan Bong

Nathan Bong, Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed, handles the creation and revision of technical content such as articles, datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies. As a graduate of BCIT, he has an academic background in electrical and computer engineering while also having hands-on experience of working with electrical equipment and tools.
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