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Standing Desk vs. Treadmill Desk: An In-Depth Comparison

Standing Desk vs. Treadmill Desk: An In-Depth Comparison

If you're someone who spends a lot of time at a desk, you may have heard of the trend of standing desks and treadmill desks. These two options have become increasingly popular among people who want to stay healthy and boost workplace productivity. But which one is better? Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Standing Desks

Standing desks are exactly what they sound like – desks that are designed to be used while standing rather than sitting. It is an excellent option for those users who want to reduce their sitting time and better their posture, as standing can help alleviate back pain and improve blood circulation.

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Overall, among the benefits of a standing desk are:

  • Reduced sitting time

A standing desk can help decrease sitting time, which has been linked to several health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

A standing desk


  • Improved posture

Also, standing desks help enhance posture, minimizing the risk of back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders related to long sitting in an improper position.

  • Increased energy and productivity

And finally, sit-stand desks contribute to energy increase, as standing improves blood flow and helps saturate the brain and muscles with oxygen, keeping the body energetic and the mind focused and alert.

Sit-stand desks


However, using a standing desk may also have some drawbacks, which should be considered.

  • Standing for extended periods can lead to foot and leg pain, discomfort, and fatigue;
  • Standing desks provide limited movement, which can be monotonous;
  • Sit-stand desks may require adjustments to ensure proper posture and comfort;
  • While standing desks provide some health benefits, they are limited compared to treadmill desks.


With this said, to avoid these problems, it is essential to take breaks, make exercises and move around regularly during your working day. Also, adding to your workspace an ergonomic chair will allow you to switch comfortably from standing to sitting when you feel you need to change the body position.

Treadmill Desk

As the name suggests, a treadmill desk is a desk attached to a treadmill. By allowing you to walk while you work, the treadmill desk is a great choice for you if you want to improve your fitness levels and reduce time you spend sitting.

The treadmill desk benefits help you:

  •  Increase physical activity

By improving your physical condition, you can considerably lower the risk of health problems, which has been linked to hypodynamic lifestyle, including weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, and back and joints pain.

Treadmill Desk


  • Boost mood and productivity

Walking can help increase blood circulation and oxygen levels in the body, improving cognitive function, such as focus and concentration, and productivity. Also, walking has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress levels, which can lead to better mental health.

  • Experience a new workstyle

Using a treadmill desk while working may become an interesting challenge you try implementing into your working routine. For example, walking on a treadmill could work great when being at online meetings where you aren’t supposed to participate actively.

A new workstyle


Despite all the treadmill benefits, one should understand the specifics of using such an equipment.

  • Treadmill desks can be expensive compared to standing desks;
  • These desks require more space than standing desks, making them difficult to fit in small workspaces;
  • Also, treadmill desks may not be suitable for tasks that require a lot of focus and concentration, such as writing or reading;
  • And finally, treadmill desks might not be the best solution for people with certain physical limitations, such as joint pain or balance issues.


Which is Better - Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk?

Both standing desks and treadmill desks have their benefits and drawbacks, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a standing desk and a treadmill desk:

  • Physical activity goals

A treadmill desk may be a better option if your primary goal is to increase your physical activity level. However, if you want to reduce your sitting time and improve your posture, it’s worth choosing a standing desk instead.

  • Comfort level

Watch whether you feel comfortable when standing or walking for extended periods. If standing or walking for too long causes discomfort or fatigue, you may want to try a different option.

  • Budget and space

Consider your budget and space availability when choosing between a standing desk and a treadmill desk. Treadmill desks can be more costly, noisy, and they take up more room than standing desks.

  • Work tasks

Think of the type of work you do when deciding which desk to go with. Treadmill desks may not be suitable for tasks requiring deep focus and full immersion.


Should I get a standing desk or treadmill?

Whether to get a standing desk or a treadmill desk depends on personal preferences and work style. Both have health benefits, but a treadmill desk combines standing and walking benefits. Consider factors such as cost and space.


Do standing desks with treadmills work?

Research suggests that standing desks with treadmills can be effective in reducing sedentary behavior and improving health outcomes. However, they may not be suitable for everyone, and it's important to ease into using them gradually.


Is standing desk better than walking around?

Standing and walking both have health benefits, but a treadmill desk allows you to combine both. Standing desks can improve posture and reduce back pain, while walking desks can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Consider your personal preferences and work style to decide which option is better for you.

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Wrapping Up

Whether to choose a standing desk or a treadmill desk depends on your specific needs. If you're primarily looking to increase your physical activity levels, a treadmill desk may be the better choice. But if your goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and enhance your posture, a standing desk might be the way to go.

It's also important to consider your comfort level when standing or walking for long, as well as your budget and available space. And if you have any physical limitations, such as issues with keeping balance or joint pain and stiffness, a treadmill desk may not be the best option for you.

By carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks of each equipment, you can make an informed decision that will help you achieve your health and productivity goals. Learn more about standing desks and give us a call if you need a consultation with our specialists to find your best standing desk. | 1-800-828-9414


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