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Reduce Fatigue with Your Standing Desk

Reduce Fatigue with Your Standing Desk

7.3 min read

Sitting continuously for too long can be significantly bad for your health. People who tend to continuously sit for long hours each day are imposed to a wide range of potential health disadvantages and risks. Such risks include stiff muscles and joints from lack of movement, and at the more extreme end of the scale, lack of movement can contribute to illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and many other complications. To top it all, sitting for too long burns few very calories and as such, there are several studies that link over-sitting with weight gain and obesity.

Extended sitting is a major concern amongst office workers as they are required to sit for extended hours throughout the day. Thankfully, standing desks is one such innovation that allows them to wave off fatigue and boost their overall productivity. In this article we will discuss how fatigue can be reduced with your standing desk, giving you tips on how to stand for a long time and convince you that to work standing for a portion of the day has serious convenience and health benefits.

Standing desk by Progressive Desk

What are Standing Desks?

A standing desk, or a sit/stand desk, is a type of desk that allows you to work comfortably, bringing your desk to you through the Progressive Desk motorized controls. You can adjust the height of your desk and in some remote-control cases, preset your preferred height positions for even more convenience. Standing desks have an array of advantages, but for the purposes of this article we will solely be focusing on the health benefits of standing desks.

Build your perfect standing desk!

Standing desk with motorized controls

How can Standing Desks Reduce Fatigue?

Standing desks are known to have a positive impact on the overall well-being. From third-party studies and customer testimonials, employees who prefer working at standing desks and alternate between sitting and standing tend to be less tired and more engaged, in comparison to those who solely sit throughout the day. From extensive research, standing workers will not only feel less tired and more engaged, but should also continuously lower their overall sitting time.

Therefore, regular use of standing desks can result in reduced fatigue and improved energy in comparison to those who remain seated throughout the entire working day.

Moreover, it was also observed that 87% of the participants using standing desks reported increased energy levels and vigor throughout the day. When the workers returned to the old desks, their overall moods went back to the original settings. The given findings are known to align with further research on the effects of prolonged sitting and mental health. The study links sedentary lifestyle with an overall increased risk of both anxiety as well as depression.

Standing Desk Fatigue

On the other side of standing desks reducing fatigue, you many find that your feet hurt while using a standing desk or that you are starting to feel tired from standing. Make sure this doesn’t deter you – there are solutions and tips we can offer for this!

We have several resources to make sure your standing desk experience is the best it can be, and ensure you get maximum use from it. Check out our top tips for using your standing desk which was written to give you tips for standing for long periods of time, alongside many other useful pieces of information.

Further to learning how to properly use your standing desk, Progressive Desk also supplies anti-fatigue floor mats for standing desks. They are specially designed to tackle the aches and tiredness that comes from standing.

Anti-fatigue floor mats for standing desks

Additional Benefits of Using Standing Desks

In addition to reducing fatigue while boosting energy levels, there are several other health-centric benefits of using standing desks.

Reduced Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common complaint from office workers who tend to work in the same position. Several studies have been carried out on employees who suffer from long-term back pain, with 32% reporting an improvement in lower back pain upon using standing desks for a series of weeks. Another study revealed that the utilization of a stand-sit desk helped in reducing neck pain and upper back pain by around 54% in a matter of weeks.


Convenience is at the core of our standing desk’s design. They are made to move with you, depending on your mood and comfort requirements. From one simple push of a button your entire workspace can move to your desired height, alleviating you from any discomforts or helping to reduce your tiredness and fatigue.

Improved Workplace Ergonomics

With the introduction of such convenient, forward-thinking desks comes an unavoidable improvement in your workplace’s ergonomics. From the sleek, modern design of our desks to their motorized functionality and compatible accessories, your environment will be automatically enhanced.

Benefits of using standing desks

Increased Productivity

Your productivity levels will be boosted from this combination of positive factors and standing desk side-effects! From increased movement, convenient motion control and useful desk accessories, you should find a substantial increase in your level of productivity.


There are several proven benefits of standing desks for the modern hectic life –especially if you have a typical 9-to-5 job or work in an office setting. Relieve fatigue and make your work as comfortable as possible by replacing your regular desk with a standing desk!

We hope this article was informative and gave you an insight into reducing fatigue, among other benefits of standing desks. However, if you would like more information or have query, please feel free to contact us and one of our engineers will reach out to you!

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