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Fun Fall-Inspired Home Office Setups

Fun Fall-Inspired Home Office Setups

7.7 min read

Orange you glad its autumn?!

Pumpkins, crispy footsteps, cozy sweaters - what if you could translate that warm, comforting esthetic into your professional space? You really autumn know there's a lot of ways to fall unbe-leaf-ably in love with your office desk space!

Here are some festive fall decor ideas!

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Home Office Set-Up Ideas

Festive fall decor ideas for office


When your home is also your office, decorating is also a personal perk and can be customized exactly to your taste. Don't be afraid to go all out! Your home office desk setup can be a sensory experience you'll want to spend all your time in and can even encompass the whole room or floor!

Seasonally Scents-ory

Office set-up ideas


Pair your desk and workspace with some useful desk accessories, from wireless chargers to monitor stands!

Fall is all about smells. It's apples, cinnamon, oranges, fire, and pumpkin. There's also that indescribable cold, crisp smell in the air close to Halloween that just screams fall...if only we could capture that one.

Since you don't have to worry about the needs of many colleagues and their potential allergies and sensitivities, you can create a scents-ory atmosphere that puts you in the heart of fall. A reed diffuser or plug-in is the perfect addition to your grounded or standing desk area.

You can also use your oven! Place a few cinnamon sticks, orange peels, chai tea bags, and vanilla extract (mix & match) in some water and place the bowl/mug in the oven for an hour at 300°F. Your entire house will smell like a fall factory.

Coffee Station

Coffee station


Build your own personalized standing desk in just a couple of steps using our Desk Builder!

Building on the atmospheric experience, let's not neglect your taste buds! Coffee helps pump the work out, but pumpkin spice makes it fun (and tasty). Not only are standing desks the best ergonomic home office setup, but they also make the perfect latté brewing station and customizing counter! And since you're the boss on the floor, you can take as many PSL (pumpkin spiced latté) breaks as you want!

Set up your machine, milk, whip cream, pumpkin flavored syrup, and, most importantly, the spice (mix a little cinnamon and nutmeg in a shaker)! Voila! Sugar, spice, and... maybe some ice? Mmmmm.


Comfy Cozy

Cozy home office setup


Since you're at home, the decor can take on a more cozy and casual direction. Autumn is all about the bulky, soft throws and layers. What's better than sweaters? Giant comforters and throws! Find them in all kinds of plaid patterns and fall colors.

No one's there to tell you you can't wear a cosy cape, or do a little work from a couch cocoon. Nesting into big soft materials on a gray chilly day is the best way to decompress on a stressful day and get into the fall mood. Hey, we have to practice for hibernation, right?  They're also super stylish and in right now.

Fall, But Make It Spooky

Spooky Home office decor


Your work from home office setup doesn't have to be wholesome and warm. It can be dark and spooky if that's your thing. Fall is all about Hall...oween. 

Decorate with gothic candles, creepy potion bottles, candy bowls, spider webs, skulls, bats, etc. If your duties allow, you can play with mood lighting and drink those PSLs out of a goblet!


Cubicle and Desk Décor

fall office setup

A fall office setup is a bit trickier than a home set-up due to restrictions on scents, fire, and other various hazards and expectations. You may not be able to light festive candles or nestle into blankets, but you can perk up your standing desk area with some autumnal pizazz your coworkers can appreciate!


Preserved Flower & Leaf Creations

Flowers for home office setup


Colorful dried flowers, grass, wheat, and leaves are staples of fall decor. They're also extremely versatile. You can make wreaths, vase/mason jar bouquets, a banner of upside-down hanging stems, potpourri satchels, or pressed art/paper-maché pieces. They last long, are affordable, smell faintly nice, and look incredible.


Leafy & Punny Letter-Board

Leafy & Punny Letter-Board for home office


Fall is just asking for wordplay. "Oh my gourd", "tis the season to be fall-y", "squash goals/squad ghouls"? I mean, c'mon. It's just meant to be a-corny season full of a-maize-ing puns. #Sorrynotsorry.

There's nothing more fall than #instagram, and there's nothing more Instagram than custom letter boards with catchy sayings, and there's no holiday with more catchy sayings than fall. Brighten everyone's day with a little "you a snack-o-lantern" boost or a trendy "Alexa, rake the leaves" sign in esthetic font lettering pieces with a little leafy decor around the frame.


Dream a Halloween Theme

Dream a Halloween Theme for home office


From pumpkins, to harvest, to witches, to Halloween, there are so many directions an autumn theme can take. There's something very pleasing to the human eye about cohesiveness, so whatever you pick, just choose a few complementary components to coordinate.

Change your desktop backgrounds, gather some pumpkin or other harvest decor, get a palette going for accent pieces (chair covers, desk tablecloths, mouse pad, vases, etc).

Remember; 1. Sometimes less is more and, 2. matching doesn't mean 'the same', but complementary. These are tricks guaranteed to make any theme sophisticated rather than tacky, so the whole office can ouuu and ahhh!


Pumpkin Potential



Big ones, small ones, orange ones, white ones - pumpkins are the center of fall and the possibilities for decor are endless!


Final Word

Your standing desk and cubicle could always use a gourd or two! Preserved pumpkins will last you the whole season and can be painted and added to larger art projects. They instantly remind everyone that it's the enchanting season of fall and harvests are bountiful in hay-filled fields and forests alike.

No matter where you work, adding a personal touch and incorporating natural elements to your surroundings can be important in keeping you grounded and stress-free.

Progressive Desk standing desks make the perfect mantles to coordinate incredible fall-centered looks and sensory accents, while providing the best postural support and re-focusing productivity design available to home or office workers.

Learn more about all its benefits here.


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