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Image of an office in the skyscraper

Approach to a More Productive Workspace

9.7 min read

The organization of your workplace affects the efficiency of your work performance in a big way. Ergonomic tables and chairs, well-selected lighting and color schemes of furniture and walls around not only make your business pastime more comfortable but also fuel your enthusiasm to reach for new career achievements.

Let’s discuss in more detail the nuances of designing office space and choosing the right work desk.

The Importance of Productivity in the Workplace

Thoughtful workplace design grants a huge potential for increasing working productivity.

Unfortunately, most companies practice an approach in which an extremely neutral work environment is created for employees that “dryly” reflects corporate identity. And even though modern offices are quite functional, we believe that this practice is not the best solution to maximize productivity, and employees need to be given the opportunity to personalize their office space.

It is obvious that when people feel uncomfortable in their daily environment, they are less productive. And vice versa, if they have some control over the design of their workplace, they not only use their working time more rationally but in general, they feel much happier. All this improves relations with the employer and increases overall performance.

How to Increase Productivity in the Office?

Can it be argued that workspace design and productivity are two interrelated concepts?

When we are in a beautifully designed room or sitting by the window, we usually feel a surge of strength and inspiration. Similarly, with a comfortable desk, you can be your most productive self. It should include storage shelves and drawers for you to easily access files and documents.

As working at a computer involves prolonged sitting without movement, you must ensure you use a comfortable chair. Choose a model with adjustable armrests and versatile spinal support. The ideal height of the chair is when your feet are completely on the floor and the knees are bent 90 degrees.

With regard to the desktop monitor: it should be at eye level and at a distance of about 17-18 inches from you.

Photo of interior of a business office with a glass wall. There are armchairs, table and two computers in the room

Best Office Layout for Productivity

So how to design an office space? We suggest that you draw inspiration from some pretty efficient office workspace design ideas.

Minimalistic & Inspiring Space

Key Features: This type of space usually includes inspiration boards, natural light and extra room to move and stretch.

Problem Solving Space

Key features: This is the type of office space setup where business meetings and negotiations can be conducted conveniently.

The Social office space

Key features: Here’s a great example of how to design your office with a focus on encouraging face to face interactions and openness.

The Loft office

Key features: This is yet another option for the best office environments to consider in a loft-style to help you.

The Innovative Space

Key features: You can explicitly see how well-thought-out office configurations can impact mood and stimulate the desire to do something with pleasing color schemes and intimate desk setups.

Photo of a workplace in a modern panoramic office. A white desk with a laptop, white leather chair and a bookshelf with black document folders.

Best Desk Setup for Productivity

In order to make working as comfortable as possible, it is not just a clean desk setup you will need, but a desk that gets you moving. Moving desks at work or height adjustable standing desks may be a great idea if you want to stay active while working.  

At Progressive Desk, we carry a range of ergonomic solutions for office and home. These are the new generation's best office desk setup options that will save your posture and certainly prevent many problems with joints and muscle tension. Learn more about the benefits of standing desks.

Office Redesign

There are cases where you simply cannot do without a complete redesign of your office space. This usually happens when you realize that the selected color scheme of the room is absolutely not helping with productive work, or its design is simply outdated. In the second case, you will probably have to purchase new furniture, because, as a rule, it “sets the tone” for a productive work environment.

How to Decorate a Business Office

When arranging a new workspace, there are several win-win office workspace ideas that will help you adequately organize the interior.

Play with colors

Color is the most affordable and most effective way to implement an office design for productivity. Carefully choose the harmonious color combinations that best suit your corporate range.

Take into account also that if ​​the room is spacious and with high ceilings, it is best to use bright, contrasting colors (moreover, in such cases, you can build the entire interior in a single color). And vice versa, for smaller premises, it is better to give preference to neutral, natural shades.

When it comes to color accents - being well-chosen, they will make the interior fresh, cheerful,  and invigorating. Accents can create an atmosphere of motivation, dynamism, a favorable mood for the entire office.

Photo of interior with illustrations above on the wall

Use old, unprocessed materials

When Designing an office, you may want to consider using natural, environmentally friendly materials. Planks made of natural wood against a background of modern furniture will look very impressive. At the same time, it is important that such decor matches your business philosophy.

Employ textiles

Textiles with ornaments, textures or patterns will also help to make the interior more “custom”, tailored to the nuances of corporate paraphernalia. Along with this, it makes the situation much more homely and comfortable. In general, textiles will help you strike a balance between efficient workplace design and productivity.

Brighten up the working space with ornaments

Ornaments on glass, laser cutting on plywood or metal, casting from plaster - all these elements will help you organize large spaces, accent walls, and serve as translucent partitions. In addition, they fill your best office design with energy and dynamics.

Use stands & mobile storages

Shelving can be the most budgetary - the main thing is that they fit into the stylistic concept of the rest of the interior. Remember that the most important thing for great office design is to beautifully and correctly arrange them in space, and to combine them properly in color and plastic.

Photo of the comfortable workplace in a modern office

How to Personalize Your Office Space

As for the personalization of workplace design, it is extremely important to choose not only the surroundings that would be characteristic of you (frames with photos of your friends or relatives, cute figurines, your personal letters for personal merits, etc.), but also get the most proper table and chair.

Standing Desks Models

The effects of sitting too much may not be altogether positive. One of the solutions to this problem is working while standing from time to time. We provide the best adjustable standing desks try using one of the standing desks options.

Thus, custom models that can be adapted to the growth and posture of a particular person are especially popular right now. Similar solutions can be designed independently, using, for example, lifting columns, which can be purchased at our store.

We really hope that our efficiency ideas for the workplace help you with designing or redecorating your office space. Just keep in mind that in order to increase productivity in the office, it is sometimes enough to just pick a good desk. Find out more about adjustable desks on our blog.

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