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A Guide on Choosing Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Office

A Guide on Choosing Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Office

When creating or redecorating your workspace, the use of furniture that is comfortable, durable, and high quality can seriously help increase your productivity and improve your overall mood. Modern eco friendly furniture is gaining particular popularity these days as it can really brighten up the look of a workspace, while also reducing our negative impact on the environment. In this guide, we will be covering some of the important aspects to consider when choosing eco friendly office furniture.  

Eco Friendly Furniture 

When looking for ecological furniture, we need to be mindful of the energy and resources consumed in the products we use. The process of recycling certain materials can sometimes require more resources and cause higher levels of pollution than the amount that was needed to make a new piece. Because of this, it is ideal to choose a type of material that is renewable and has little to no harm to our environment from the start. With the use of bamboo, going eco-friendly has never been easier! 

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eco-friendly furniture


Eco Friendly Bamboo 

Bamboo is our best material option when it comes to environmentally friendly furniture. It is a highly sustainable and eco-friendly material for furniture since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. With the right growing conditions, a bamboo tree can grow 3 feet within 24 hours and reach their full size within 3 to 4 months. Compared to regular trees which can take up to 30+ years to grow to their full size, bamboo has the advantage in growth rate. The process of harvesting these bamboo trees is also all-natural, and there’s no need for harsh chemicals or pesticides. 

As our bamboo tabletops are naturally produced, all of them are unique with personalized features.  

Bamboo tabletops


The name “green steel” is sometimes used for describing bamboo because of its strength and durability. It has a light weight for ease of carry and will not deteriorate from regular use with the proper care. A substance called “bamboo kun” can be found in bamboo, which means its natural fibres are anti-bacterial. With this, chemical finishes are not required to keep bamboo products lasting a long time. Our bamboo tabletops are all comprised of carbonized bamboo, giving them a high-quality finish. Being scratch and water resistant, they can sustain all our customer’s day to day office use. 

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Finally, bamboo forests offer huge benefits to our environment since they have the properties to efficiently store carbon from the air we breathe. When compared to other trees, bamboo absorbs double the amount of carbon dioxide and produce up to 30% more oxygen. Their roots are solid and stable which also allows the soil around them to become more stable, restoring the land and preventing landslides. 


Sustainable Furniture 

When looking for office furniture, sustainability is also a crucial factor to consider. An improved product lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements and can help lower our environmental impact in the long term. Our electric standing desks and MDF tabletops are sustainable furniture options that can maintain high levels of quality, comfort, and durability throughout their service life. 

MDF Material 

One of the major benefits of using medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as furniture material is that it does not shrink or swell due to temperature or humidity. This material is also resistant to changes in color due to UV light. 

For extra protection, our MDF tabletops are sealed with a layer of laminate. This makes them practically immune to environmental factors that cause the warping, cracking, or splitting which solid wood tabletops may experience. At Progressive Desk, we offer a 15-year warranty for all our tabletops to guarantee their long-term stylish appearance, high durability, and comfort. With all the benefits it offers while being a safe tabletop material, it makes sense why MDF is among the most commonly utilized engineered woods for crafting daily-use furniture items. 

eco-friendly furniture


Standing Desks 

Our electric standing desks mainly consists of the framing that’s constructed out of steel with a powder coat finish. This guarantees high structural durability and better stability when in the static position. Steel also holds up well over the years and does not bend or flex when loaded down with weights that are within their weight capacity ratings. Their lifting mechanisms and electronic components were all designed and engineered to withstand the daily needs of our customers and are backed up proudly by our standing desk warranty. Therefore, you're buying furniture that will last and reduce the need for constant replacements, further contributing to pollution and waste.

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eco-friendly furniture

In Summary 

Choosing modern eco friendly furniture can help reduce our carbon footprint so future generations may have a better and cleaner planet. Bamboo material is a great all-natural option for making environmentally friendly furniture as it is the fastest growing plant on Earth while offering high durability. Electric standing desks and MDF tabletops are sustainable furniture options with long lifespans and helps reduce environmental pollution by not requiring frequent replacements.  
For more information on eco friendly material for furniture or any of our products, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives are experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414


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Nathan Bong, Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed, handles the creation and revision of technical content such as articles, datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies. As a graduate of BCIT, he has an academic background in electrical and computer engineering while also having hands-on experience of working with electrical equipment and tools.
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