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Photo of the hand of a man taking a measurement of a wooden plank and carpentry tools around

11 Woodworking Projects for your Home or Office

7.8 min read

Woodworking is an art, which is best experienced only when you get right down to it. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced level wood crafter; simply put, if you enjoy woodshop projects, then there is absolutely no limit to your creativity. So, gear up with your tools, take charge of your ideas and plunge into the world of woodshop projects with these 11 creative woodworking projects that you use for your home or office.

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DIY wood projects

Image of the hand of a man taking a measurement on a piece of wood for a wooden plank

DIY woodworking projects might seem like a piece of cake, but when it comes down to the intricate planning and the handiwork, you might not feel the same way. However, wood projects don’t need to be extremely complex; if you are a beginner, you should pick up small woodworking projects to ease you into the world of woodworking.

Some easy wood projects include, but are not limited to, the following options.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is probably one of the coolest wood projects for any DIY enthusiast. All you need are some small pieces of wood, glue and a handful of nails. With a few simples to follow instructions, you can create a very basic, yet extremely utilitarian shoe storage for yourself, without going into too many hassles. Take a look at this automated shoebox using linear actuators.

Wooden bench

If you have a seating crunch and are not looking to invest a lot of money in a fancy sitting mechanism, you can build a wooden bench for yourself. With a series of boards, and nails, all you need to do is look up Aldo Leopold's classic design and you are all set to recreate a wooden masterpiece for your garden/garage/house. You could even automate your bench or table, check out this DIY Japanese style hidden table lift.

Petite shelves

Photo of a girl cutting wood with a table saw

Running out of storage space inside the house? How about throwing together a few planks of wood and creating a simple, yet a useful set of petite shelves to store all those extra things which seem to be lying around. Not only are shelves easy to make a wooden project, but they are extremely useful in helping you store some of the extra stuff, which needs to be organized and put away here and there.

Woodworking ideas

Ideas for woodworking projects and inspirations can be drawn from anywhere; however, if you are an advanced level wood craftsman on the lookout for some really good ideas, you can refer to the following options:

Backyard lounger

Loosely drawing inspiration from an Adirondack chair, a backyard lounger can be a simple wooden project for an intermediate woodwork artist. This design is rather simple; it will only take a couple of hours to put together a few planks here and there to get the design up and ready.


For those who are a little more experienced in woodshop projects, you can try building a workbench for yourself. Not only a workbench would be ideal for all your future woodshop projects, but it can also be used as an excellent table for any kind of other chores.


This might sound a little too complicated for even advanced level woodcrafters; however, what is life without a little challenge? you can try building a pergola and give your garden a new look and feel. Not only will this be a unique architectural masterpiece, but it will be a work of art that will place you indoors and outdoors at the same time.

Photo of a man mounting furniture with a screwdriver

Woodworking desk projects

Here are a few more excellent woodworking projects for your inspiration.

Standing desks

Since standing desks are rapidly becoming a common piece of furniture in offices and houses alike. Why not invest some time, money and effort in building a standing desk for your home or office? A standing desk has tons of health benefits and it has become a quintessential piece of furniture for all households and offices alike.

Build your own unique standing desk using our Desk Builder 

Writing desk plan

Writing woodworking desk plans are yet another wooden option within the desk category. Inspired by the Pottery Barn's Printer's Writing Desk, you too can build a simplistic writing desk, which can help you stabilize your work patterns and avoid any health mishaps.

Wood projects for kids

Photo of three birdhouses on a yellow background

Here are the ideas that will be easy to implement with children. 

Kids bunk beds 

This might sound a little over the normal crafter’s league, but it won’t hurt to try. Kids love fancy beds; bunk beds might seem like an old idea, but they never go out of fashion. Jazz up your kid’s bunk beds in a snazzy manner, add a few colorful elements and see how your kid’s room stands out in the whole house. The idea is to create a wonderful design, which your children will cherish for years and years to come.


Kids love to create something fancy; why not fuel their imagination by helping them build cute little birdhouses? Hang them in your garden, and your kids will curiously admire the birds and bees which come visiting. Simple, yet elegant, birdhouses can help your children create a bond with nature.

Tree Houses

Any woodwork project list is incomplete without the mention of a kid’s treehouse. While this might seem like an old compilation again, chances are your kids will jump at the idea of a home away from home. If there are some sturdy trees in and around your backyard, and if you are ready to put in the effort, a kid’s treehouse would be a great way to spend the summer with your children, building them their very own treehouse.

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