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Photo of V Ryzer Standing Desk by Progressive Desk

Why the V Ryzer stands out from other office desks?

5.5 min read

The Growing Popularity of Adjustable Office Desk Systems

90-degree workspaces and ergonomic desk designs, such as the Corner Ryzer, continue to rise in popularity in corporate offices, as well as for anyone who is currently working remotely from home. It makes the most of unused spaces, while maximizing an individual’s workspace. The sit-stand ability of these desks also allows you to move throughout your working day without comprising on your workload. However, if you are looking for a way to upgrade your adjustable office table, or are a first-time buyer, the V Ryzer Standing Desk is a great option to consider. With a unique shape and multiple styles to choose from, this adjustable office desk has a number of unique selling points, distinguishing it from other office desks.

Photo of V Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk

The V Ryzer

Why Choose the V Ryzer: The Perfect Office Desk System?

Good Privacy & Space

A V-shaped office desk offers great privacy for individuals who prefer their desks to be stationed around them while also providing a more open work environment. The spacious tabletop allows you to position all your belongings on the desk without feeling cluttered (with a weight capacity of up to 330lbs, you have a plenty room for maneuver!) This is well-suited for anyone who has a large workload on a regular basis or needs to have their items surrounding them to function properly on day-to-day.

Integrated Workstation Option

The V Ryzer can be utilized in clusters of three, while still giving individuals in each group the ability the lift their desks up and down. The seamless transition from sit-to-stand means workstations can be adjusted to a height that suits everyone and can be adjusted to meet their requirements on any given day. This integrated working desk design is great for group work with a more sociable work area.

Reliable Control System

Desks that lift up and down have optimized work environments everywhere, and through further innovation and development, we have improved on this. The control box and remote of your choice for this raiseable desktop give you the ability to set pre-set heights of your choice. For example, Setting 1 could be the height you require when you are sitting, and Setting 2 could be the height set for when you are standing, pre-set to meet your requirements, and preferences. Depending on which remote-control you prefer, you can have the ability to set two additional pre-set heights for your desk.

Photo of two standing desks at office

Why should I opt for the V Ryzer from the Ryzer collection?

If you are looking for a larger workspace such as a v-shaped computer desk, with the same functionality as a regular standing desk (such as our Solo Ryzer desk), the V Ryzer is the desk for you. This innovative office desk design, powered by linear actuators, is a reliable office furniture that does not compromise on design. Suitable for both home and office, the V Ryzer Standing Desk is a perfect balance of style and functionality. The 120-degree angle design allows for more versatility than a traditional sit-stand desk. This eco-friendly desk has a unique shape and style that give you all the benefits that come with owning a height-adjustable standing desk but goes a step further with its space and weight capacity.

For a full breakdown of dimensions and capabilities of this desk, please refer to the below diagram:

Diagram of a full breakdown of dimensions and capabilities of the V Ryzer standing desk

Conclusion: An Innovative Working Desk Design

The V Ryzer is the epitome of innovation, design, and convenience. With seamless motion, anti-collision features, and various remote-control options that are compatible, it stands out from the rest. Space optimization is key with V Ryzer, giving you plenty of desk space on our premium tabletops.

If space is a limitation for an adjustable office table such as the V Ryzer, but you would still like to consider our innovative office desk design, the Solo Ryzer may be an option for you. We have a full selection of various tabletop options to combine with this high-quality frame, in order to build your ideal workstation.

For more information about Progressive Desk standing desks, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-828-9414 or send us an e-mail at

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