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Solo Ryzer DREAM Gaming Setup

Solo Ryzer DREAM Gaming Setup

Adjustable standing desks are getting increasingly popular among those who opt for ergonomic and comfortable furniture. However, one might be scared away from shifting to an electric standing desk because of the seemingly complex desk’s assembly. No worries – it’s quick and easy to put our standing desk together, and Josh Boyd is going to prove this with the seamless Solo Ryzer gaming setup sponsored by Progressive Desk.


Josh’s plan was to deliver a perfect gaming setup to his girlfriend. Since every great setup has an ultimate staple – a functional and quality desk to support all other equipment – Josh decided to go with the Solo Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk. Let’s see his eventual result and whether his girlfriend was happy with her new gaming desk!

Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace!

The Packaging

Josh received his Solo Ryzer in two boxes containing desk frame components and a tabletop. He mentioned that a tabletop box was massive – indeed, the packaging sizes differ depending on the size of a tabletop, and Josh’s one was a large 60" x 30", ensuring adequate space for two computers, a mouse, and a keyboard.

Josh received his Solo Ryzer standing desk


Another box came with a desk frame, legs, a control box, a remote, a grommet for cable management, and other components for desk assembly, such as cables, screws, and cable clips.

The packaging


The Assembly

Equipped with the user manual, Josh started putting together the desk’s frame. First, he attached legs to frame ends and installed side brackets.

Assembly 1


Assembly 2


Then he connected both frame ends using the center rails and installed legs with pre-installed glides.

Assembly 3


With the frame being done, the next step would have been to place the desk frame onto the tabletop and extend it to align with the pre-drilled holes in the desk’s top.

Assembly 4


When he secured the tabletop to the frame, he had a few final steps left – to attach the remote close to the top’s edge using a power drill and wood screws, secure center rails with machine screws, install the control box, and finally, connect all peripherals.


The Result

Since Josh had had some troubles with his previous standing desk, he worried the Solo Ryzer installation could have also been complicated and time-consuming, but eventually, the assembly of the frame happened to be quick, easy, and hassle-free! Josh was very excited to see how it all came together!

Solo Ryzer desk


Well, the final desk setup turned out to look really fancy and immediately became girlfriend-approved!

Standing desk by Progressive Desk


The Solo Ryzer frame supports up to 270 lbs (135 lbs per leg), making it sturdy enough for different workspace setups. The lifting mechanisms allow for quiet operation and precise movement, and the anti-collision feature ensures safety and flexibility when using this standing desk.

Regarding the height range, the desk can go as low as 23.6" with a maximum height of 49.1".

Solo Ryzer


With this said, the desk’s height is completely adjustable. Using the four-position memory keypad, you can set the height for sitting and standing positions. For example, Josh programmed a sitting and standing settings for his girlfriend and a sitting setting for himself. He found it super convenient to seamlessly shift between sitting and standing with just one click of a button instead of adjusting the height manually.

Position memory keypad


Gaming standing desk


A Closing Word

With the frame made of 100% steel and a solid, durable tabletop, the Solo Ryzer is made to last and guarantees to serve as a gaming setup desk for decades backed with a 15-year warranty. Thank you to Josh for making this review video – we’re thrilled you’ve had a great experience with our desk!

Should you have any questions about our standing desks, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re the experts in what we do and will happily answer all your questions! | 1-800-828-9414


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