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Desk Converters: Transform Your Desk in a Heartbeat

Desk Converters: Transform Your Desk in a Heartbeat

Standing desks are certainly having a moment today as working from home has become the new norm. However, not everyone is ready to invest in a standing desk and change their current setup. For those looking for the standing desk’s functionality but are reluctant to turn their workplace on its ear, we offer an alternative solution – standing desk converters. A desk converter is a convenient way to upgrade your desk without investing too much. Moreover, the desk converter is ready to use right from the box and requires little to no assembly. This blog post will help you know more about desk converters and choose the one that fits you the best.

Standing Desk Converter


What is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is designed to provide you with sufficient desk surface and a keyboard, if necessary. It sits on your existing desk and can be raised and lowered to the appropriate height. Depending on the model, the desk converter is powered by a gas spring or motorized control. This device is excellent primarily thanks to two things: firstly, it allows you to move throughout the working day, changing from sitting to standing, and secondly, the price is more than affordable compared to standing desks.


Standing Desk Converters Benefits

Our standing desk converters are easily transportable with quite a small footprint and weight ranging from 20.6 lbs to 47 lbs. Not too thick in a retracted position – about two to four inches thick, depending on the model – our converters can handle substantial weight up to 55 lbs. The remarkable beauty of a standing desk converter is its easy assembly. Our models are pre-assembled, so you only need to place them on your desk, and you’re all set! Also, some models come with a removable keyboard tray, providing enough room for your full-sized keyboard and a mouse.


Three Types of Converters from Progressive Desk

We developed three standing desk converters to meet the needs of different users and make our products suitable for various workplace setups, requirements, and budgets.


Mechanical Converter

Our Mechanical Desk Converter PA-TW-7-M is designed for a larger desk surface. You can easily adjust the converter’s height using a gas-assisted lever located on the right side. Also, the mechanical desk converter has a detachable keyboard tray, making it convenient to use with both laptops and computers.


Mechanical Desk Converter


Electric Converter

Electric Desk Converter PA-TW-E7-M is powered by an electric motorized lifting system, capable of lifting up to 55 lbs. You can control the converter's height using the two buttons underneath the work surface. This model has a 15” stroke and comes with a detachable keyboard tray as well.


Electric Converter


PA-TW-3-M: The Compact Converter to Fit the Desk of Any Size

This Compact Desk Converter is by far our favourite one because of its functionality and small size. It quickly turns a conventional desk into a standing desk with minimum investments. The product doesn’t require any installation as it comes fully assembled. It’s also a perfect portable solution – the converter size in a retracted position is only 1.6", reaching the 17.2" size when extended. This model weighs 20.6 lbs and can hold 19.8 lbs.

Compact desk converter


The movement is achieved thanks to a gas-assisted spring, allowing you to smoothly raise and lower the desk surface.

Converter’s frame


Once you select your desired height out of the six positions, you can secure the chosen position using the safety lock on the inside of the converter’s frame.

PA-TW-3-M compact converter


And finally, PA-TW-3-M compact converter is the most affordable solution in our range and can fit any budget.

Our desk converters give you the same features of a standing desk - at a lower price!


A Closing Word

If you want to upgrade your workplace but still hesitate to make radical changes, lack space for a standing desk, or have a tight budget - a standing desk converter may be the right choice for you! It gives you the functionality of an adjustable desk while allowing you to keep your current setup. Whatever desk converter you choose, they’re all backed with an 8-year warranty, and you can always approach our customer support team with any questions!

Want to improve your workspace more? Check out our adjustable standing desks collection! | 1-800-828-9414

Nataliia Borysko

Nataliia is a passionate writer with immense love for languages and a dual academic background in linguistics and marketing. On her career journey, Nataliia has worked as a product marketer, a competitive intelligence analyst, and a marketing content writer for multinational companies.
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