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Desk Accessories: Small Things that Make a Big Difference

Desk Accessories: Small Things that Make a Big Difference

3.1 min read

Different desk accessories serve various purposes and can add value to a workspace in many ways. Stationery is essential for taking notes, writing letters, and completing work-related tasks. Organizers can keep a workspace clean and organized, making it easier to find what you need and focus on tasks. Lighting provides the right amount of light for reading and writing and can also add a decorative touch to the space. Ergonomic accessories such as keyboard trays, footrests, and monitor risers can help improve posture, reduce strain, and increase comfort while working at a desk. And finally, tech accessories - chargers and stands for phones, laptops, and headphones - keep devices charged, protected, and within reach, and not only that defines their value.

Tablet stands


Conveniently designed stands for tablets, phones, laptops, and headphones can help improve a workspace's functionality and ergonomics.

Discover a new level of convenience and enhance your workspace with our desk accessories!

  • Tablet stands are designed to hold tablets at a comfortable viewing angle, allowing for hands-free use and reducing strain on the neck and eyes.
  • Phone stands work similarly, holding a phone at a comfortable angle for viewing and charging.
  • Laptop stands are a handy solution to elevate laptops to eye level, which can help reduce strain on the neck and shoulders and improve posture. Also, laptop stands improve airflow, cooling the laptop, which can prolong its lifespan.
  • Headphone stands, as the name implies, serve to hold headphones and keep them organized and easily accessible. This can be especially useful in a shared space, where multiple people may use the same headphones and want to keep them in the same place.


All these types of tech accessories significantly improve the functionality and ergonomics of a workspace, making it more comfortable and efficient to use and keeping devices and accessories organized and within arm's reach. That’s why we put our profound engineering expertise into development of the new desk accessories, which we launched this year.

Phone Stand 

Phone Stand DA-19


Phone Stand DA-19


Our phone stand will give you more freedom to operate your cell phone or tablet. It can hold smartphones and small tablets at a comfortable height and angle, whether on the office desk or living room and kitchen tables, allowing you to watch videos, read or simply browse the web. Wherever utilized, this smooth-edged cell phone stand with a laconic design ensures solid support for your digital devices.

Hold smartphones


Phone Stand DA-19


The cell phone stand is made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and portable. It can be easily folded to carry in a bag or on the go. Also, thanks to non-slip silicone pads, you can be sure your phone or tablet is firmly secured and protected from slipping and occasional scratches.

Phone stand


We’re absolutely confident in our phone stand’s quality and can guarantee its durability over the years, backed by our 15-year warranty.

Aluminum Tablet Stand

Our portable compact aluminum tablet stand, with its folding design, allows you to move your tablet around wherever you go. Suitable for 4 to 13-inch devices, the DA-20 stand for tablets raises your device to a comfortable height and rotates it 360 degrees at the base to ensure you have the best viewing angle.

Aluminum Tablet Stand DA-20



The integrated cable management on the back side helps keep your desk neat, organizing cables. Additionally, the non-slip silicone pads protect your tablet from scratches and reduce the risk of slipping off.

Compact aluminum tablet stand


Backed by our 15-year warranty, you can be sure that our tablet stand for desks constructed out of aluminum to serve you well over the years! 


Ergonomic Headphone Stand

This simple and elegant headphone holder keeps your headphones out of your way but still within arm’s reach. It’s not only convenient, but with its silver color and aluminum base, this headphone stand will rightfully be a stylish addition to your workspace. A standing headset's minimalistic design and metal finish will surely fit any standing desk.

Ergonomic Headphone Stand DA-16


Ergonomic Headphone Stand DA-16


The headphone stand also has silicon pads to protect your headphones from slipping or falling.

The headphone stand


And the setup is as easy as that - simply place the desktop headset stand on your tabletop, and it’s ready to use!


Ergonomic Laptop Stand

DA-15 desk laptop holder will help you elevate your laptop to a more comfortable viewing height, improving your posture and reducing neck pain.

Ergonomic Laptop Stand DA-15

Ergonomic Laptop Stand DA-15


The protective silicon pads that come with the laptop stand serve to protect your laptop from slipping and prevent scratches.

Also, the aluminum construction of this laptop stand for desks helps absorb and diffuse heat while promoting better airflow at the bottom of your laptop, making it cool down.  


The aluminum construction


Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace!

The 15-year warranty is also there, guaranteeing the durability of our riser for laptops that you will enjoy over the years! 

Check our monitor risers and arms to bring even more convenience to your workplace. And also, browse our standing desks collection to make your day active and productive by regularly shifting from sitting to standing! | 1-800-828-9414

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