Comparing Our Tabletops with Our Main Competitors: Part One

Comparing Our Tabletops with Our Main Competitors: Part One

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As the technology behind adjustable desks continues to improve due to their competitive market and popular demand, so have their tabletops. New tabletop designs continue emerging over time, promoting options for higher quality and more environmentally friendly alternative tabletops to reduce our carbon footprint. Since table tops for standing desks can come in many different types of materials, design styles, and price points, their variety ensures there is something to suit everyone’s needs. In this article, we will be comparing the popular table tops for standing desks on the market to gain a better understanding of what’s available from a consumer’s standpoint.

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Tabletops For Adjustable Standing Desks

Everyone has different priorities when deciding between different table tops for standing desks, however, we will cover the factors that are typically taken into consideration in our two-part blog.

Part One - This blog will cover:

  • Materials
  • Environmental impact
  • Warranty
  • Price

Part Two - Our next blog will be comparing:

  • Colors available
  • Physical dimensions
  • Grommet holes options
  • Pre-drilled holes options
  • Other unique tabletop features


Materials affect the weight of a tabletop, which also affects how much weight capacity is usable after a standing desk has the tabletop installed. If a tabletop is very heavy, the remaining weight you can safely place on the standing desk while staying within its rated weight capacity will be less than if the tabletop had a lighter weight. However, a very lightweight tabletop can sometimes be an indication that there was less material used to create its volume which may result in weaker structural durability. Ideally, tabletops should have a decent balance of weight as this is often associated with quality so that they don't sag under the weight of your workspace items.

Fiberboard Tabletops

Fiberboards are engineered wood products consisting of wood fibers:

  • Particle board or low-density fiberboard (LDF)
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Hardboard or high-density fiberboard (HDF)

In terms of quality and durability, MDF tabletops are significantly better than lower-density fiberboard alternatives. While HDF offers the most structural strength at a heavier weight, it is not as common to find tabletops for adjustable desks made from this material. The particle board tabletops are lightest in weight for their size while the MDF tabletops offer a balance of weight and durability. These materials can usually be differentiated based on their weight and appearance.

IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops) UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops) UPLIFT (Eco Desktops) Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops) Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)
Core material IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops)Honeycomb structure paper filling UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops)Particle board UPLIFT (Eco Desktops)MDF Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops)MDF Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)Particle board
Edge material IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops)Plastic edging, Particleboard frame UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops) UPLIFT (Eco Desktops) Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops)PVC Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)PVC
Surface material IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops)Fiberboard, Acrylic paint UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops)Laminate UPLIFT (Eco Desktops)Powder coated paint Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops)Laminate Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)Laminate
Bottom material IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops)Fiberboard UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops)Laminate UPLIFT (Eco Desktops)Powder coated paint Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops)Laminate Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)Laminate
Weight IKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops)11 lbs – 31 lbs UPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops)34 lbs – 65 lbs UPLIFT (Eco Desktops)45 lbs – 55 lbs Progressive Desk (MDF Tabletops)41 lbs – 67 lbs Effydesk (High-density particle board tabletops)40 lbs – 60 lbs

In a home and office setting, fiberboard-type materials are the most common in standing desk tabletops. While the surface materials of certain tabletops might be similar, the core material is what plays a major role in long-term durability. A honeycomb structure paper filling will allow for a lighter weight design; however, it will not have the level of structural strength found in particle board and MDF tabletops.

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Solid Wood Tabletops

Solid wood is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing as tabletop materials, however, some of its downsides include being:

  • Prone to Moisture
  • Vulnerability to Compression/Expansion
  • Attractive to Pests

If you were looking at getting a solid wood tabletop, it is important to keep these points in mind during maintenance and care. EFFYDESK offers their Wildwood Collection while UPLIFT has their Solid Wood, Rubberwood, and Custom Solid Wood options to choose from.

Bamboo Tabletops

Bamboo tabletops are a popular choice for those who were looking for an eco-friendly alternative to pair with their adjustable desk. As a material, bamboo has gotten the name “green steel” because of its strength and durability. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around, and with the proper care for your bamboo products, it can be used time and time again without deteriorating. Bamboo also has a substance called “bamboo kun”, which means that its natural fibers are anti-bacterial – no need to add chemical finishes to keep it lasting for a long time.

IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops) UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops) Progressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops)
Core material IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops)Honeycomb structure paper filling, Particleboard UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops)Carbonized Bamboo Progressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops)Natural Bamboo
Edge material IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops)Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops)Carbonized Bamboo Progressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops)Natural Bamboo
Surface material IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops)Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops)Carbonized Bamboo Progressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops)Natural Bamboo
Bottom material IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops)Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops)Carbonized Bamboo Natural Bamboo
Weight IKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops)21 lbs UPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops)45 lbs – 55 lbs Progressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops)38.2 lbs – 58.5 lbs

Environmental impact

The process of recycling certain materials may sometimes require more resources and cause higher levels of pollution than the amount that was needed to make a new piece. Because of this, it is worth considering a type of material that is renewable and has little to no harm to our environment from the start. With the use of bamboo, going eco-friendly has never been easier! As the fastest growing plant on Earth, a bamboo tree can grow 3 feet within 24 hours and reach its full size within 3 to 4 months under the right growing conditions. Compared to regular trees which can take up to 30+ years to grow to their full size, bamboo has the advantage in growth rate. The process of harvesting these bamboo trees is also all-natural, and there’s no need for harsh chemicals or pesticides.

To help our environment, UPLIFT plants 5 new trees in U.S. National Forests for every solid wood desktop sold and uses the spent Pará rubber trees that were previously used for latex production to make their Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktops. Although tabletops such as the MÅLSKYTT by IKEA do not have the same core structural durability as solid wood, using particle board with a slice of wood as the top layer results in less wood per product. Designs that use filling materials can help in reducing the carbon footprint per tabletop in exchange for core strength.

When looking for office furniture, sustainability is also a crucial factor to consider. An improved product lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements and can help lower our environmental impact in the long term. High quality MDF tabletops are sustainable furniture options that can maintain high levels of quality, comfort, and durability throughout their service life. For extra protection, our MDF tabletops are sealed with a layer of laminate. This makes them practically immune to environmental factors that cause the warping, cracking, or splitting that solid wood tabletops may experience. They also do not shrink or swell due to temperature or humidity while being resistant to changes in color due to UV light. UPLIFT also offers their Eco Curve Tabletops which consist of an MDF core made from 100% recycled material.


Tabletops still need to be within a price range that the buying consumer can afford. When choosing a tabletop, we need to determine how much value we find from the product and then verify if it was within the price range that we can work with.

Tabletop Price
TabletopIKEA (LINNMON and LAGKAPTEN tabletops) Price$19.99 - $79 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (GREENGUARD Laminate Desktops) Price$299 - $579 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (Eco Desktops) Price$379 - $602 USD
TabletopProgressive Desk (MDF Tabletops) Price$129 - $400 USD
TabletopEffydesk (High-density particle board tabletops) Price$74 - $291 USD (Desk price minus frame price = tabletop price)
TabletopIKEA (ANFALLARE tabletops) Price$99 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (Bamboo Tabletops) Price$389 - $671 USD
TabletopProgressive Desk (Bamboo Tabletops) Price$210 - $475 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (Solid Wood Desktops) Price$549 - $1784 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktops) Price$379 - $639 USD
TabletopUPLIFT (Custom Solid Wood Desktops) Price$1579 - $2334 USD
TabletopEffydesk (Wildwood collection tabletops) Price$587 - $630 USD


Having a warranty is ideal for any product as it inspires confidence to the end user and shows a level of assurance that the distributor is offering quality products. In case there was any small chance of a defect or faulty product, the peace of mind knowing your product is covered by warranty is unbeatable.


The warranty offered by IKEA may depend on which product you choose. Certain tabletops from IKEA such as their TOMMARYD tabletop ($120 USD) have a 10-year limited warranty, however, there are also other tabletops such as the LINNMON tabletop ($19.99 USD) that do not have a warranty listed.


All UPLIFT tabletops come with a 15 Year warranty.

Progressive Desk

Progressive Desk also has a 15 years warranty for all tabletops.


Tabletops from EFFYDESK all come with a 2-year warranty which covers everything except for wear & tear.

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In Summary

There are many factors to consider when choosing between different table tops for standing desks. Depending on your priorities and requirements, certain tabletops in the competitive market may suit you better than others.

In part two of our blog, we will be comparing:

  • Colors available
  • Physical dimensions
  • Grommet holes options
  • Pre-drilled holes options
  • Other unique tabletop features

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for ideas and recommendations before getting your next tabletop. If you have any queries about our desks or have trouble picking out the right tabletops to suit your setup, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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