Ways to Stay Motivated to Use Your Standing Desk

Ways to Stay Motivated to Use Your Standing Desk

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So you just bought a standing desk, Now what? After months or weeks of research to find the perfect desk for your workplace, a tabletop that suits of style preference and good quality accessories, how do you use your standing desk and ensure it works for you in the long run. There is no doubt of the benefits of standing desks and how it increases productivity levels. However, It does take a lot more to remind yourself to stand, especially if you’re having a busy day at work.

In this blog we will outline a few ways you can motivate yourself to stand at your desk and get the most out of your desk:

Set an Alarm

Alarm clock

There are several apps online to help you set reminders. Setting an alarm 4-5 times during your 8 hour shift can help you a great deal with your schedule.

We all get caught up in a routine life – getting ready, going to work, getting back home, heading to the gym, and it goes on. There is a routine we all maintain, so why not create one to help you sit-stand at your desk. You can choose to set an alarm to stand for 15-30 minutes each day or every 1-2 hours depending on your level of fitness.

Set Goals

Setting goals each day on how you use your standing desk is just like setting an alarm. If you personally don’t like the idea of an alarm beeping to remind you to sit or stand, then create a personal goal as part of your morning routine. It could be anything from setting a goal to stand 20 mins every 2 hours or stand for 10 minutes each hour of your workday. This will help you stay better motivated and will make you feel more energetic through your workday.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself

By using a standing desk, you are already rewarding yourself with better energy levels, more productivity and overall a happier you. But if you wish to motivate yourself further, you could treat yourself to something at the end of each day or week or month when you have reached your targeted standing goals. Your reward could be anything from a chocolate bar (try not to overindulge here) to getting yourself that dress or video game you have always wanted.

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti Fatigue Desk

The anti-fatigue mat is a great addition to our line of accessories and is available in 2 sizes for the different desk sizes we offer. An anti-fatigue mat helps support the feet when standing for long periods of time. It also allows you to shift your weight from one foot to the other while at the same time providing you with enough cushioning to help you stay motivated to stand for a longer time.

Create a Routine

Another way to motivate yourself to use your standing is by making it part of your workday. Once you have set an alarm or standing goals, it becomes part of your daily routine. In other words, your body gets habituated to standing a few hours every day and at a regular interval of time. While your routine may change depending on the day and your work, creating a morning routine helps maintain consistency.

Try the tips on this list to maximize the benefits of a standing desk and feel free to share your experience with us.

A standing desk does take some time getting used to and may not prove beneficial if not used correctly. Read our blog on How to get the most out of your standing desk

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