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Privacy Panels Essential Addition to Your Desk

Why Privacy Panels are an Essential Addition to Your Desk?

7.3 min read

Thanks to the ‘new normal’ of these times, if you are returning to your office your company needs to ensure your maximum safety and privacy. From hand sanitizers to deep cleaning at the end of the workday, office premises are rapidly changing. Since employees are the greatest assets of a company; workplaces are gravitating towards optimizing their workspace to ensure productivity and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. Work desks form an integral part of an employee’s day today, with many not moving much from this spot throughout their day.

With the rising popularity of open-plan offices and staff seated closely together for collaboration, desk dividers have emerged as a great solution for employers who want to keep the safety measures at the heart of their organizational goals. However, apart from safety, privacy panels for desks are not just there for safety. They help in employee privacy, work area personalization, desk space optimization, and are excellent aesthetic enhancers.

Office desks with privacy panels

Desk Privacy Panels: An Easy Solution

Privacy panels for desks don’t have to be as deterring or divisive as they sound. Even though the idea of desk dividers may not sound overly appealing, they can play an important role in employee wellbeing and are an ideal solution for privacy, particularly if your desk is close by others. We have listed some of the top reasons why desk mounted privacy panels are an essential addition to your workspace:

Choose from our range of privacy panels sizes and colors!


Information confidentiality and security breaches are yet another reason why an open office system is starting to take a backseat. Many employees work with sensitive information, which needs to be processed in a confidential manner. If an organization has an open office arrangement, chances are such information would be readily available to prying eyes, which is not a feasible situation. In these cases, employers need to invest methods of upping the privacy and security of their offices, which can be created quickly and easily by plastic desk dividers, or desk dividers of any type, depending on the décor of the area.

Standing desk with above and below desk privacy panels by Progressive Desk

Enhanced Professionalism

Loose wires or ‘messy’ items featured below and above your desk that you would rather keep hidden? Privacy panels come into play here too as a prime solution. Enhance your desks professionalism and keep anything you want out of sight hidden using a Progressive Desk privacy panel, designed to be sleek and muted to easily match with any desk seamlessly.

Work Area Personalization

Simply put, you need to feel at home when you are at work. The fact of the matter is that most employees spend the majority of their day at work. Therefore, by allowing them to personalize their workspaces, employees can bring a part of their daily routine with them. This not only boosts morale but also keeps people motivated to bring their best to the job.

Two people talking through desk divider

Reducing Office Openness

Desk space optimization is an important factor for employees to work efficiently and effectively. Particularly in these times, office openness is being reduced, giving employees more privacy at their workstation. Desk dividers are proving to be more effective in helping people network with each other while keeping their necessary distance.  The better the utilization of the available spacing, the higher number of employees can be seated.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Desk dividers can be a great way of sprucing up office interiors and giving the whole layout an ideal employee-friendly look and feel. What makes an aesthetic-conscious company stand out from the rest? They have a better, well planned interior layout, well-coordinated color schemes, and insert the latest fashion into their organizational interiors, to name just some features which set it apart.

Workplace with privacy panel

Improved Concentration and Focus

If your employees need extra focus on their day to day jobs, a desk panel is a great way to lessen distractions and maintain the office decorum. Such panels aid privacy, facilitate clear train of thought, and help build concentration to complete the task at hand effectively. Subsequently, employees can work in a conducive environment, while maintaining their personal space at all times. Giving your employees the freedom to choose their personal space makes them more loyal to the company’s goals.

Progressive Desk Solutions

We have two varieties of privacy panels to choose from here at Progressive Desk:

Above Desk Privacy Panels

Above Desk Privacy Panels

The Above Desk privacy panel we currently stock is translucent in color, making it a less imposing fixture on your standing desk. The mounts can be silver or white depending on your preference, seamlessly integrating this useful accessory with your desk. This privacy panel not only gives your desk a more professional look, but also ensures you have an element of privacy in your day-to-day.

Below Desk Privacy Panels

Below Desk Privacy Panels

These privacy panels are designed to be fixed on the underside of your workstation, hiding any loose wires or items, and gives your desk a more professional look. There are two sizes for this item – 39” and 51”, allowing you to find the best size for your desk.

Final Word

While they might seem imposing and not always aesthetically pleasing, desk privacy panels are essential for many and provide a layer of privacy and professionalism to workstations. With the translucent color of our Above Desk privacy panel, it can be seamlessly integrated into your workstation with minimum imposition.

To find out more about our privacy panels or other desk solutions if you are returning to the office or working from home, contact us and we’ll talk you through our options!

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