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Photo of a woman analyzing graphs on a computer at workplace

Twin Ryzer – Dual Monitor Computer Desk

9 min read

Have you ever noticed how rapid the pace of the contemporary world has become? What would have taken us several hours or even days to accomplish a decade ago is now done in a couple of minutes or indeed seconds. Thanks to the latest advancements that have ushered cobots and the Internet of Things into our life we can pay bills and order pizza, have the room vacuumed and devices to play our favorite songs and even switch on the heating when we are still at the office.

Helping us to streamline business and leisure present-day technologies have changed our immediate environment as well, where computers, laptops, and other gadgets are now staples without which our domestic chores and working activities are impossible. Moreover, modern workstations are undergoing swift transformations and are evolving into state-of-the-art complexes where dual monitor desks serve as a cornerstone.

Multiple Monitor Computer Desks

A 2 monitor computer desk is a step to improving the efficiency and ergonomics of space-strapped premises since it allows using two monitors operated from a single computer. Purchasing a good desk for dual monitors is a cost-effective solution as well since you will have to fork out a far greater sum to buy a faster processor or a larger hard drive than you would even for the best multi-monitor desk.

Speaking technically, supporting a dual monitor setup is possible because dedicated video cards typically have two ports at least to enable the installation of two (or sometimes even more) displays. The cases when the video card is integrated into the motherboard can't preclude you from installing a computer desk for dual monitors as you can always use a splitter. Just be sure to look up the specifications of your video card to figure out if your computer can support a multiple monitor setup.

Image of a young businesswoman and businessman computer working with papers and charts on computer monitors in the office

Pros and Cons of Desks for Multiple Monitors

Having acquired a multiple monitor computer desk you will be able to fully enjoy the advantages such a fixture provides:

  • Dual monitors are a great boon for people who work with multiple programs simultaneously. Without computer desks for dual monitors, they have to switch between programs by pressing Alt+Tab which is very awkward and time-consuming. By having two monitors before themselves they would be able to run the primary application on one screen and perform related tasks (like pulling up the email) on the other. Such a set up simplifies sharing data between applications as well by dragging them from screen to screen.
  • Easy referencing. When you have this type of computer desk multiple monitors will streamline the procedure of referencing. You may have critical information on one display to refer to it whenever you need it while doing the work in hand on the other. This is also an expedient solution enabling comparison between files which comes especially handy with instructional videos. Thus, you can watch tutorials on one monitor and follow their steps on the other.
  • No additional software required. Multiple-screen operating is effected through the same controls as your individual monitor so you will have to install no extra tools.
  • Enhanced collaboration. This benefit of utilizing computer desks for multiple monitors becomes evident when the work requires the extensive use of Skype. In this case, you will have a full-screen image of your interlocutor on one screen with the possibility to refer to or work with files on the other.
  • Docking station opportunities. People bring their own laptop to dual monitor computer desks, plug in two cords and – voila: they have access to another (and oftentimes larger) monitor, a mouse, a wireless keyboard, speakers, and a whole complex of USB outlets.

It would be naive to believe that desks for dual monitors are devoid of any shortcomings. Among the latter are a greater floor space needed for them, additional expenditures for a second monitor, overtaxing computer resources (notably the video card), and distraction the second screen is likely to provoke. However, the listed advantages outweigh those demerits with a vengeance and become especially conspicuous when it goes about a dual monitor gaming desk.

Photo of a professional eSport gamers playing in video game

Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors

If you are an avid gamer having a good computer desk for dual monitors is a fantastic boon that can be leveraged in 3 ways.

  1. Both monitors are used for playing. In this way, you will get an immersive gaming experience and enhance your performance since more screen space will enable you to spot enemies from afar and plan your actions correspondingly. Some gamers find a bezel in the center of the double screen distracting, so you can try playing on three monitors.
  2. One monitor is used for playing and the other for support where you can refer to for a walkthrough to squeeze across a hard spot or for a guide to find suitable weapons.
  3. Playing the game on one monitor and doing other things on the secondary one. In this way, you can react to messages, respond to requests, or even stream your game for other viewers to enjoy your martial prowess or driver skills.

Whatever the way you are going to use a multi-monitor gaming desk is, it is important to choose a shape of it that will upgrade your gaming facilities. The desk shape is to a large extent conditioned by the available space to place it, yet the most ergonomic version is a dual monitor l-shaped desk. It will not only fit into most room layouts but will provide you with plenty of room for writing, computer work, and other related activities.

Looking for the best desk for dual monitors you may have a completely different purpose in mind than gaming.

Photo of the Twin Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk

Twin Ryzer: An Epitome of Collaboration

While a computer desk for a dual monitor is a coveted dream for many gamers and home working freelancers, business owners have other concerns when they speak of dual monitor computer desk plans. For them, the two primary challenges are to cram a sufficient number of workstations into a restricted floor space and to provide adequate collaboration conditions for employees.

Twin Ryzer by ProgressiveDesk is called to address both of these challenges. It is a 2 level desk consisting of two independently controlled parts. Having a sturdy adjustable frame this multi-level computer workstation can be adapted to any working height and suits people who like to change their working position from sitting to standing every now and then. In fact, it is a desk for multiple computers the users of which face each other. Such a set up ensures better collaboration and communication between employees as well as maintains ergonomics of the working environment.


The efficient use of computers is critical for enhanced productivity. A good computer desk for multiple monitors doubles the usability of your computer and provides more flexible working conditions.

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