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Space-Saving Pegboards and Hangers

Space-Saving Solutions for Your Desk: Pegboard and Universal Hangers

2.2 min read

We’re constantly expanding our product lineup with ergonomic accessories to deliver our customers the best workplace ergonomic experience. This year we’re thrilled to introduce new additions to the Convenience category – a pegboard organizer kit and universal hangers for headphones and more!

Universal Headphone Hanger DA-24

This headphone hook is a perfect desktop organization solution that combines style and functionality. It is designed to elevate your storage experience while keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Equipped with a range of useful features, this small desk accessory is a game-changer for your workspace. With a weight capacity of up to 11 lbs, it can hold not only headphones but also handbags, umbrellas, medium-sized backpacks, and shopping bags. The 360° hanger swivel allows you to effortlessly rotate the hanger in any direction, providing easy access to your belongings from various angles.

Universal headphone hanger DA-24


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Besides holding your items, the hanger helps you do away with messy cables cluttering your desk. It comes with handy cable slots that ensure a neat and organized way to manage your headphone cables. No more tangles or intermingling with other accessories!

Crafted with premium aluminum and silicone materials, this under desk hanger offers both durability and a sleek design. The silicone padding ensures a secure and gentle grip on your headphones, preventing any scratches or damage. The hanger is designed to clamp onto surfaces up to 2" thick, providing versatile placement options to suit your needs. Whether it's your desk, shelf, or any other suitable surface, this hanger adapts to your workspace configuration.

Headphone hook


Universal Headphone Hanger with Cup Holder

This model offers more than just headphone storage - it combines the functionality of a headphone hanger with a built-in multifunctional cup holder. Keep your favorite beverage within easy reach as you work or relax!

Headphone hanger with a built-in multifunctional cup holder


Desk cup holder


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Thanks to this design, you can now enjoy a clean and organized workspace while sipping on your drink of choice. Our desk cup holder provides the perfect solution for keeping your beverage close at hand, whether it's a cup or a can. Stay hydrated and refreshed without compromising your desk space or creating a mess!

Pegboard Organizer Kit DS-04

Our desktop pegboard can be mounted vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility in orientation and display to suit your preferences and available space. Its installation is a breeze - simply attach the pegboard to the edge of your desk, and you're good to go! No need to drill holes in the wall, as the sturdy desk clamp ensures a secure and stable attachment. The clamp compatibility of 0.4" to 2.4" guarantees a perfect fit on a wide range of desk edges, giving a secure and reliable hold. No matter the thickness of your desk, this pegboard will stay firmly in place.

The high-quality steel and plastic materials of our pegboard enable it to withstand the demands of everyday use. Its durable and stable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable solution for your workspace.

Desktop pegboard


To make it a comprehensive space-saving organizer kit, we include a variety of accessories with each pegboard. The package comes with a cup holder, organizer cup, tray, hooks, and magnets. In addition to storage and organization, this pegboard can also function as a versatile privacy panel. Use it individually or combine multiple pegboards together to create a personalized and efficient workspace.

With generous dimensions of 16.5" x 12.6", our pegboard provides ample space to accommodate your belongings, ensuring everything has its designated place. You can choose between classic black or pristine white color options to seamlessly match your office decor.

Pegboard Organizer Kit DS-04


Discover a new level of convenience and enhance your workspace with our desk accessories!

Summing Up

Upgrade your workspace today with these convenient and easy-to-install accessories – the pegboard organizer kit and the universal hanger and enjoy a clutter-free desk! Explore more of our desk accessories to elevate your workspace even further! | 1-800-828-9414

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