Progressive Desk New Product Releases: April 2021

Progressive Desk New Product Releases: August 2021

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We’re back with new product releases for Progressive Desk! This August we’re excited to launch two brand new tabletops: a V-shaped style for our V Ryzer standing desk, and an L-shaped style for our Corner Ryzer. These tabletops are vastly different in color, with our V-shaped coming in Midnight Maple and our new L-shaped design in Cool White. Both of these tabletops have a huge 15-year warranty, guaranteeing their quality and durability!

Our line-up has been evolving and increasing steadily over the last few months with new desks, accessories, and tabletops, so keep an eye out for new additions that will amplify your standing desk experience!


V Ryzer Tabletop

 midnight maple v-shaped tabletop

Midnight Maple

Our new V-shaped tabletop, Midnight Maple, is made from an easy-care laminate surface and particle board core and designed for our V Ryzer standing desk. Featuring a smooth and sleek surface, its dark exterior is the perfect addition to your workspace. Its expansive desktop means you have plenty of space for all of your workspace items and accessories.


Corner Ryzer Tabletop

cool white l-shaped tabletop

Cool White

This 90° tabletop, Cool White, is the latest in our L-shaped series, designed for our Corner Ryzer standing desk. Its smooth surface will brighten up any workspace and provide you with a quality standing desk finish. This tabletop is also made from an easy-care laminate surface and particle board core, guaranteeing you have a long-lasting, easy to clean tabletop! The L-shaped design also means you have plenty of worktop space, and your items will always be easily accessible to you.



September’s New Releases

Make sure you keep an eye out next month, as we also have a large new range of rectangular tabletops launching!

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