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Apex Glyder

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Ergo Glyder

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Pro Glyder

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HAG Capisco 8106 Chair

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Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

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Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

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Our Popular Standing Desk Solutions

Our Popular Standing Desk Solutions

In today's work-from-anywhere world, blending ergonomics with aesthetics is essential, not to mention sustainability and functionality. We know it's a bit of a puzzle fitting standing desks, chairs, and all the right accessories together, so we've put together some awesome bundles to help you nail your setup. Let's dive into our most popular standing desk combos that are all about making your workspace as comfy, productive, and stylish as possible!

1. Ergo Cut Sustainable Bundle for the Environmentally Conscious

Meet the Ergo Cut bundle, where style meets sustainability. You get a beautifully curved 60” x 30” Bamboo tabletop paired with the sleek, white dual-motor Solo Ryzer frame that adjusts with a simple push of a button. This setup is perfect for those who want to stay eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design that supports your wrists and forearms. Plus, it comes with an adjustable Pro Glyder chair packed with all the bells and whistles — seat depth, armrests, you name it!

Ergo Cut Sustainable Bundle


Bamboo tabletop


Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace!

2. Everyday Bundle for Your Daily Comfort

Our Everyday bundle is your new best friend for a practical yet stylish workspace. It features an elegant 48” x 30” Ebony Oak tabletop and a super flexible Prime Ryzer frame in a sleek black finish. We've added a Single Monitor arm and a Universal headphone hanger too, making sure you’ve got everything within reach for a comfy workday. This is the go-to setup for anyone who wants a complete, functional workspace day in and day out.

Everyday bundle


3. Executive Bundle for the Style-Savvy Professional

If you’re all about making a statement, the Executive bundle is for you. It showcases an L-shaped  Corner Ryzer frame to maximize your space, paired with modern 48” x 30” and 55” x 28” Gray Oak tabletops that are easy to keep clean. The Apex Glyder chair steps up the comfort with adjustable everything, and Dual Gas Spring monitor stands make sure your viewing angles are just right. Plus, no more cable mess, thanks to under-desk trays. It’s a total game-changer for style and functionality! All in all, this bundle is perfect for the professional who demands the best in both aesthetics and ergonomic design.

Executive Bundle


4. Home Office Bundle for the Home-Based Achiever

Tailored for the remote work pros, the Home Office bundle creates a versatile and inviting space right at home. It combines a sturdy Solo Ryzer frame with a stylish 55” x 28” Gray Oak tabletop. The Apex Glyder chair is all about comfort with its wide range of adjustments, and the Single Gas Spring monitor stand gets your screen just right. Oh, and don’t forget the anti-fatigue mat for those standing days. This bundle has got your back, literally!

Home Office bundle


5. Premium Bundle for Those who Value Form and Function

For those who love the finer things, our Premium bundle brings luxury right to your workspace. Centered around the Solo Ryzer frame and a gorgeous Walnut wood tabletop, this setup isn’t just a treat for the eyes—it’s super functional too. The Capisco chair supports various sitting positions and pairs perfectly with the adjustable desk, ensuring you stay comfy and active all day. It’s the ultimate blend of design and comfort.

Premium Bundle


Capisco chair


6. Space Saver Bundle for the Compact Space Optimizer

Working with limited space? The Space Saver bundle is here to help, offering a compact yet fully functional setup. It features a Single Table Lift frame and a warm white tabletop that fits just right in smaller spaces. The Ergo Glyder chair and Dual Monitor arm boost your comfort and productivity by promoting good posture and optimal screen positioning. This bundle is a lifesaver for making the most out of your cozy corner.

Space Saver Bundle


Single Table Lift frame


7. Sustainable Bundle for the green-thumbed worker

Our  Sustainable bundle is all about being kind to the planet while creating a productive workspace. It pairs the smooth-adjusting Solo Ryzer frame with a sleek Bamboo Light Matte tabletop for a fresh, modern look. The Pro Glyder chair is here to make those long hours comfortable with customizable support that keeps you feeling good all day.

Sustainable Bundle


Looking for a comfy and ergonomic chair? We’ve all things considered!

A Final Word

We've crafted each bundle with a mix of style, comfort, and functionality, making sure there's something perfect for every type of worker. Whether you’re creating emails from your kitchen or leading the charge in an office, transform your space into a hub of productivity and style with our ready-to-go setups. Let's make working a whole lot better! Browse our website to find more cool products for your efficient and productive workspace!

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