Home Office Lighting for Better Health, Mood, and Productivity

Home Office Lighting for Better Health, Mood, and Productivity

Aside from standing desks, having adequate lighting for your workspace is among the most important factors in maintaining health and safety. Reading and working on your computer for prolonged periods in the dark may lead to eye strain, drowsiness, and lower work motivation. Choosing the best home office light fixtures to suit your workspace needs will introduce proper lighting to help keep you awake, reduce eye strain, and improve your mood! In this article, we will cover the importance of having quality lighting in an office and take a look at the different features of our home office lighting solutions.


Why is it important to have good lighting in your workspace?

Workspace lighting


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Eye strain and headaches tend to happen when squinting our eyes to adjust between significantly different lighting levels, such as when we alternate between viewing a room and our screen. This eventually leads to discomfort, fatigue, and a lower motivation to continue working. In cases where your workspace lighting is too dim, you may trigger your body’s internal clock to experience drowsiness earlier in the day. Proper workspace lighting helps to avoid these issues and is important for improving our concentration span, keeping us awake, and boosting our mood to promote productivity. By introducing a properly balanced level of lighting in our workspace, desk lamps help reduce eye fatigue and assist our body’s internal clock to be alert during the day.


What is the best lighting for a workspace?

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The quality and intensity of your office lighting may work for you; however, it may not be the ideal setting for everyone else. Since everybody has different eyes, preferences, and health conditions, the best workspace lighting will depend on the individual, their age, mood, and the time of day. Usually, it is best to have a combination of direct and indirect lighting with the option to adjust brightness and color for individual office lighting.

Having a light source from a lamp pointed downwards or at an angle that allows light to fall onto your work surface is considered direct lighting. This lighting is best for areas of a workspace that you will spend the most time focused on such as with your monitors, phones, keyboard, and books. The illumination from sources such as large ceiling lights for lighting the general area of a spacious room is considered indirect lighting. This lighting is best for areas you will not spend as much time focused on but will still need to be able to see clearly. Combining both direct and indirect lighting helps reduce eye strain, maximize productivity, and excels at being energy efficient.

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Introducing Our New Home Office Light Fixtures

We are proud to introduce our new home office lighting solutions as our recent addition to the lineup of desk accessories! Each model is unique and comes with different features so you can find the perfect match and the best lighting for productivity. Our range of home office lighting solutions includes our:

Backed by our one-year warranty and various certifications for each model, we guarantee our home office light fixtures with top quality and industry-leading customer support to serve you well throughout your daily use!



LED Clip on Lamp (LT-01)

LED Clip on Lamp


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Our LT-01 LED Clip on Lamps offer a non-slip clip design to ensure a sturdy hold for staying in place without falling or slipping. These LED Clip on Lamps also allow for fast, portable, and easy installation for attaching to any tabletop up to 2” thick. The 26” neck length and adjustable gooseneck design ensures the flexibility to be positioned and shaped for promoting the best lighting for productivity!

Unlike mechanical switches that are difficult to search for in the dark, the touch control of our LED Clip on Lamps makes turning the lights on and off much easier at night! Whether you had limited access to 5V USB ports or 120VAC outlets, our LED Clip on Lamps have you covered! Through its USB-A cable, our LED Clip on Lamps offer 5V (USB-A) compatibility and can also work with 120 VAC through its included power adapter.

Desk Clamp-On Lamp (LT-02)

Desk Clamp-On Lamp


Our Desk Clamp-On Lamp with touch control has brightness and color control features so you can find the best light color for productivity based on your mood during the different hours of your day. Reduce glare and eye strain through the smart features of our eye-caring Desk Lamp with Clamp! The timer settings can be accessed directly through the Desk Lamp with Clamp or from its included wireless remote for convenient controls at any given time!

An adjustable gooseneck design combined with its 28” neck length allows our Desk Lamp with Clamp the flexibility to be positioned and shaped so you can adjust your lighting as you wish! The clamp of our Desk Clamp-On Lamp offers a sturdy hold to stay in place without falling or slipping. Our Desk Lamp with Clamp also allows for fast, portable, and easy installation for attaching to any tabletop up to 2.25” thick!


Mood Desk Lamp (LT-03)

Mood Desk Lamp


Through our RGB Mood Lamps with 358 different effects, you can set your workspace to your ideal lighting color temperature! Experience a new level of warmth and depth by bringing your workspace to the perfect lighting atmosphere. The simple flat bottom design of our RGB mood lamp combined with its light weight allows for maximum portability. No need for clamping on the edge of your tabletop, simply place these lamps on any flat surface!

Increase your productivity by working from home with the adjustable brightness and speed settings of our RGB mood lamps for the best lighting to suit your mood during the different hours of your day. Using just one wireless controller, you too can enjoy the convenience of being able to control up to 10 adjustable lamps all at once!

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Proper lighting is an important part of every workspace for boosting morale, promoting productivity, and ensuring we take proper care of our eyes. Desk lamps not only complement your office setup, they also enhance your overall workspace experience! Whether you were looking for ambient lighting, adjustable brightness, or other smart features for eye care, our range of home office light fixtures has something for everyone!

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for ideas and recommendations to upgrade your home office lighting. If you have any queries about our desks or have trouble picking out the right home office light fixtures, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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