How to Choose the Right Remote Control for Your Standing Desk

How to Choose the Right Remote Control for Your Standing Desk

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A remote-controlled standing desk allows users the ability to conveniently position their workstation to the right height for better posture, more comfort and to improve overall productivity. The ability to change heights will allow users to be seated or standing up at any time they choose. In order to make use of all these benefits, many individuals have started or considered using remote controlled standing desks for working, studying or gaming. Because of such a large range of audience and settings, one of the aspects to consider when getting a standing desk would be selecting which remote will be the most suitable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Standing Desk Remote Control

When choosing the right remote control for a standing desk, there are few factors to consider:

  1. Feature preferences.
  2. Color preferences.
  3. Physical appearance.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. Number of users.

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Feature Preferences

Compared to manually re-positioning a desk to a height position it already was at previously, having preset positions will be more time efficient. Most remote-controlled standing desks would utilize a remote that can store a few preset positions and have an LED display. These features are useful for most users at home or in an office who have a few main height positions they will regularly use. With the LED display, users can also determine the exact height position they are moving the desk to without having to guess. The remotes we offer with preset position features and LED display include RT-11, RT-13, RT-15, RT-16 and RT-18.

The RT-11 also features a 5V USB charging port to charge any compatible devices you may have as seen below.

The remote RT-11 for a standing desk with the 5V USB charging port


There may also be users who rarely end up using the preset positions and do not mind just having basic UP and DOWN controls for simplicity. In this case, the options that can be considered would be the remote models RT-07, RT-14 and RT-17 (Black or White).

Color Preferences

We offer different model remote controls for standing desks in the colors black and white. Depending on the color theme of the room and standing desk being used, the right color combination for each remote can vary depending on the preference of each user. For example, some users may prefer having a remote that is similar in color to their tabletop as it may be viewed as “less distracting”. Below is a photo of our white tabletop together with the RT-15 remote which comes white in color. 

Standing desk with attached RT-15 white remote


There may be other cases where users want their standing desk remote control to be a different color from the tabletop for more variety or so that it stands out, making it easier to locate.

Physical Appearance

Certain users may have different preferences on how a remote’s appearance in its form factor and layout should be. As an example, the RT-11 has a form factor and layout that looks similar to many other standing desk remotes on the market. This would allow the feeling of familiarity for people who have worked with other standing desks in the past. However, certain users may like the feeling of engagement when using a remote that looks more futuristic and has a unique layout. The RT-16 would be the only remote we offer that allows users to move their desk up and down by rotating the remote clockwise and counter-clockwise. 

Standing desk hand remote with rotational control



Users who rarely utilize their standing desk but would still like the ability to change the desk height occasionally may prefer a remote that is out of the way and only visible when needed. In this case, the RT-13 and RT-14 are two solid options to consider. Our RT-13 remote can slide in and out from under the desk based on when the user needs access to the remote. The RT-14 will be a wireless handheld remote which a user can use whenever necessary and store away when not required. 

The RT-13 adjustable desk remote by Progressive Desk


The RT-14 height-adjustable desk remote by Progressive Desk


Number of Users

Pre-set positions may sometimes not be as helpful in cases where there are more than 40 different people using the same desk per week in settings like the library, classroom or laboratory. We would still recommend having at least 1x remote with LED display in the large facility for the ability to read error codes in case 1 desk needs troubleshooting. The basic remotes with just UP and DOWN buttons will also be a lower cost than the remotes with preset positions, especially when they add up for large quantity orders. The RT-07 and RT-17 are examples of the simpler wired remotes we carry that use just 2 buttons for their operation. 

Alternative hand remote for standing desks


The RT-17 is a wired hand remote for our standing desks

How to Use Your Standing Desk Remote Control?

Now that you remote controlled standing desk, operating it is another important factor you need to understand in order to get full use of it.

Remote Control Basic Operations

To operate our remote, press and hold the 'Up' (or ‘+’) button to raise the table lift. Lowering the table lift would require pressing and holding the 'Down' (or ‘-’) button. The 'Up' and 'Down' buttons are momentary controlled, meaning that the table lift will stop in its last position once released.

The RT-16 Rotational Control type remote will have its own user manual since it operates differently. Click here to take a look!

Utilizing Pre-set Positions

Preset positions are available for the remote models RT-11, RT-13, RT-15 and RT-16. To set a preset location, use your remote to move the table lift to the desired height. Next, press the 'M' button followed by a numbered button. To use a preset, press any of the numbered buttons and the table lift will begin to move to the preset position. It is important to ensure that no obstacles impede the motion of travel. You may press any button to stop the table lift while it is still moving.

For in-depth operation and reset procedures of our remotes, we also have the instructions on page 7 and 8 of the Solo Ryzer user manual (troubleshooting included).


In conclusion, having a variety of choices when selecting the right remote control for a standing desk allows a larger range of audience to find something suitable for their setting. The different shapes/form factors, colors, preset features and means of operation from our standing desk remotes will cater to their own specific range of audience and setting. If you required further assistance or had more questions on our standing desks, you may call us at 1-800-828-9414 or email us at

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