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Progressive Desk New Product Releases: November 2020

This month’s product launches include a new standing desk remote control! Our engineers have worked hard to bring a paddle-style remote, adding to our growing list of desk controls. Another growing list includes our tabletops, which has seen an extra four new colors added to it this month for our Corner and V Ryzers. Demand for new colors was heard clearly, and we hope these new colors are meeting (and exceeding!) your expectations.


Standing Desk Remote - Paddle Control with 2-Position Memory Function

standing desk paddle remote control

Our RT-18 paddle-control remote control is compatible with all of the desk’s in the Ryzer series! Simply press down on the remote to move your desk downwards or pull up to move your desk upwards. With a 2-position memory feature, sedentary alarm to remind you to stand, minimum and maximum height settings and automatic locking, this remote accomplishes a lot in a small package!


New Corner Ryzer Tabletop Colors

corner ryzer tabletop colors

Our Corner Ryzer seamless tabletop range has expanded! Two new sleek designs that will fit in perfectly to your office environment. Both are 59” x 59” and made from quality, durable and eco-friendly materials. Their 90-degree angle means they can fit within your office space while still giving you that extra tabletop space. These tabletops are compatible with our Corner Ryzer frame, or feel free to pair it with your own – just make sure to review the dimensions first!




New V Ryzer Tabletop Colors

v ryzer tabletop colors

Introducing our brand-new V Ryzer tabletops! While we loved our original 120-degree V shaped tabletop, we knew we needed a change. Our designers and engineers have worked hard to produce tabletops that would fit within a home or office setting, while maintaining a sleek, quality design. Dark Oak and Cool White are the result, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! Made from quality MDF and eco-friendly materials, they are reliable, durable and provide amazing desk space at 55” x 96”. Get the most out of your office space and feel the benefits of our V Ryzer!


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